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  1. the amount depend of the location and the usual spend for the child for a basic life in a small rural village it's between 3000 to 5000 in a big city it's between 5000 to 10000, depend if the school is public or private and a little bit more for Bangkok (Cost of transports and rent) The amount you decide to send every month need to be the same each month and at the same date, again for do it easy later for your lawyer
  2. I read the news i was probably mal explained in my post yes they blame the Egypt embassy instread of to blame the Thai embassy that was my mean, and i think we agree about it, i just forget the ''instead'' my bad
  3. It's not the egyptian embassy who delivers the visa or authorization to enter in Thailand it's the Thai embassy in Egypt. Then the blame is on the Thai people working in the Thai embassy in Egypt, as in a normal world they are not supposed to let the Thailand national security go under pressure or lobbying of a demand coming from another embassy. The immigration has no responsabilities in this matter as they just control you have the right visa in your passport. It's the authority delivering the visa who is responsible, in this case it's the ministry of foreign affairs (Embassy) and not the interior ministry (Immigration)
  4. If the electric bill is a concern for you (And it seems it is) you should maybe try to find a location where the bills are factured at the normal public price of 4 bahts\unit
  5. You are welcome Don't stay focus on the blackmail problem, your main concern is to be able to visit your child when you come in Thailand. the 5000\month given idea is to prevent her to pretend you don't give anything for your child. Your ex gf needs to understand you are now in charge, and the only way is for you to stop to be the one who ask (Asking to see and to talk to your child) because as long as you ask, they want more money for give you what you are asking for. So give her 5000 every month by western union or bank to bank. keep the receipt as a proof you send money every month for your child, as you can put a writing on the bank or WU sending (Doesn't matter if she uses the money or not my bet is the money should be quickly used by her even if she pretends the opposite) Don't inform her about your acts or intentions, the best thing is to avoid any contact with her or her family, just send the 5000 bhts every month at the same date and stay silent. Wait the moment where you are back in Thailand annd your lawyer in Thailand contact her about the court claim it should be the moment for a game changer and you should be the one in the best position to negociate the conditions of your child visit. Untill this time don't try to deal or negociate with her or her family, it's totally useless, costly and probably counter productive. Just be strong and patient stay focus on your job and to save your money don't worry too much for your child, she is probably happy and taking care good by the Thai family, like most of the thai child.
  6. Sorry i don't quote all your post it seems obvious her and her family are just trying to milk you as far as they can. To stop to send money was the good choice imo Don't expect to have any of your money back, it's not going to happen. Stay focused on what is the most important, and forget the blackmail and all the BS. Stop ALL contact with them, but send 5000 by western union every month for your child (It's more than enough and it's what most of the Thai people pay when someone else is taking care of the child). Keep all the documents with you as probe. When you will be able to return in Thailand, go straight to see a lawyer with all the documents and start a claim in court for having your father rights respected. You should also be clear with yourself about what you want or not i mean do you want to try to take your child live with you in your country? (Be prepared to a hard fight and you are not sure at all to win) Or do you just want to be able to see your child when you come in Thailand? (It should be much more easy to win in court on this one) Good luck again
  7. I agree and from a corrupted point of view it the ''perfect'' deal, after all the sand is free i am sure an honest foreign company could do the job (And probably a better one) for half of the budget
  8. Is Jomtiem immigration quiet at the moment? I was here last week for my 90 days reporting very few people inside, very quiet, only me at the 90 days counter most of the other counters weren't busy at all with no people queing usualy i always go in the afternoon in the morning it can be more busy
  9. And don't forget Rayong is not far from Pattaya imagine, you are a male in your 40' as are all the others in your group of 30 people you know there is a city full of hot girls waiting you at 1 hour road trip from your location what could be wrong?
  10. Yes this most of the needy in Pattaya and Jomtiem area have been feed by private donations, it was hard to see any officials support and now these billions spend on sand? Come on.... It seems the ones in charge really want something like a riot soon
  11. He is right, and you are too the Pattaya beach was too small, but now it's too big something in the middle should be perfect i wonder why nobody has been able to think about it
  12. Lesson of the day 1\ self quarantine doesn't work 2\ diplomats and their families, military crew are not exempts to catch the virus conclusion no more exemption to the mandatory quarantine (Actually there is 11 catories of people exempted) for the ones on a short stay (Like plane crews) they must be in a confined and military guarded place during their stay If Thailand doen't do this, i can see a revolt coming soon from the thousand of thais and foreigners forced to go under the big loops for their return, and from the thousand others who are not allowed to return yet
  13. At the moment nothing is sure, even for the discovery of a vaccine as so far no any vaccine has been discovered for the previous Covids. But you are right it could be a very long way before any tourist be allowed to enter Thailand, maybe months, maybe years.
  14. Yes i agree Depend really of the mother. In this specific case it seems the mother isn't a really good person. Very often unfortunately the child stays with the grandparents and the real ''mother'' give them the minimum to take care of the baby, Then the rest of the money (The biggest part) can be used by the single mom for an ''holiday life style'' in Pattaya or another city.
  15. Some categories of foreigners coming from abroad are exempted from the mandatory quarantine and it could be a problem very soon
  16. Hi sorry to know you are in this very sad situation the rule n1 is never pay for blackmail, or you put your finger in an endless gear. I know it's more easy to say than to do, but it's the only way. The question is have you legal right on your child? i mean are you the real father with a test and a paternity certificate and so on? if yes i recomand you to contact a layer, and stop sending any money to the mother you must be prepared to not see your child during some times, because she is going to use it to try to do pressure on you. Also i recomand to cut all the link with the mother, phone, Line, FB... Don't let her contact you by anyway until you have sorted out this with a lawyer. And of course don't talk to her to your intention about the legal action. keep the surprise. Good luck and be strong
  17. The army says they were not the ones invitating https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30391240 i wonder who is the host then? Someone who can not be named? ''However, Army spokesman Colonel Winthai Suwaree said today that the military were not responsible for inviting the Egyptian soldier. Winthai said the soldier and other members of his delegation passed the criteria for 11 types of foreigner allowed to access Thailand. None of the delegation had to undergo quarantine.'' Something is really wrong here how can you escape to the mandatory quarantine? What are exactly these 11 types of foreigner allowed to access Thailand without any quarantine required?
  18. I think i have missed the news about the discovery of a vaccine for this virus afaik it's still under experimentation at different levels in few countries, but nothing on the market yet ?
  19. I understand the difference however the test has showed this 2 people are infected and they were not quarantined then they could be potentialy contagious and spread the virus to the others this is the problem, and in this way the article is right imo
  20. Are you saying the whole newspaper article is wrong? I reread it twice and they write the egyptian soldier and the diplomat's child were tested positive to the covid 19 ''He (The egyptian soldier) and the crew reportedly visited a Rayong shopping and community area. They left their hotel on July 9 and travelled to China on an unspecified military mission via U-Tapao Airport. They returned to Thailand the same day. On July 10, the crew of 31 got tested. However, they were allowed to go home on July 11 though their Covid-19 test results weren’t confirmed. The soldier was found to test positive on July 12. Health authorities were questioning the staff of the unnamed hotel in which the group stayed.'' ''On July 10, the family (Of The african diplomat) were screened for infection as they arrived in Thailand, and the girl was found to have contracted Covid-19. Her father then took her to a private hospital in Bangkok while the rest of the family remained in quarantine at a condominium in Bangkok. On July 11 a second test confirmed the girl was infected with Covid-19, after which she was sent for treatment at a state hospital in Bangkok.''
  21. As it's writed in the article, the 9 yo girl is the child of an african diplomat. Anyway as we can see here the few ''exceptions'' doesn't make any sense diplomats and their families, military crew or businessman on short stay are not exempt to catch the virus in their country of origin or either in the plane and introduce it in Thailand. If the Thais want a ''safe'' state they need to quarantine everyone entering the country without any exception at all, the other option is to open to everybody with very few requirments but not quarantine, and see how it goes. The first option sound better on a pure medical vision, but it's the worst for the economy.
  22. Indeed it's a good idea imo but i can understand why the producer wasn't intersted, he was a Thai or a foreigner? The bar scene isn't something you can show to the public (The face thing) it's too ''low-so'' for being a popular sitcom in Thailand, and in the rest of the world there is not enough people knowing Pattaya or interested by this special place. In France for example only few movies have been done (Like Ladybar 1 and 2) with a very little success and it was when the french were here in numbers, 10 years ago.
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