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  1. Hello, Now I am living in Thailand on the ED visa (study in a language school). I applied for a 1-year language course in school, got a ED-visa and should extend it every 3 months, until course will finished (total 3 extensions). After the third extension, If I will transfer a 10 million baht to a Thai bank on a fixed deposit, will I qualify for a one-year extension of stay? Can I live here with this ED-visa and not study and apply for one-year extensions every year? What is the process? Thinking of getting an Elite visa, but considering these one-year extensions based on 10 mln baht investment instead. From Bangkok Immigration site: "20. Question : Could the alien (about 35 year of age) stay in Thailand without working or marriage to Thai national? If so, what are the requirements? Answer : Yes. The said alien could stay in the Kingdom by the reason of investment of no less than 10 million Baht in Thailand. The requirements are that the alien: Must have been granted a “Non-Immigrant visa” Must have evidence of transferring funds into Thailand of no less than 10 million Baht. (Copy of evidence showing a tranfer of funds from a foregin country to a bank in Thailand) Must have evidence of investing in the purchase or rental of a condominium unit for a period of no less than 3 year issued by a relevant agency or government unit, at a purchase or rental price of no less than 10 million Baht (Copy of condominium purchase agreement and copy of the ownership registration of the said condominium issued by government or relevant agency or a copy of a long-term lease agreement are needed documents): or Must have evidence of investing in the form of a fixed deposit of no less than 10 million Baht with the Bank which is registered in Thailand and has Thai national holding more than 50 percent of it’s shares (Funds deposit certificate issued by the bank and a copy of evidence of funds deposit are required documents) : or Must have evidence in the purchase of government or state enterprise bonds of no less than 10 million Baht ( copies of bond certificates are needed documents) : or Must have evidences of making an investment as set out in Criteria3),4 or 5) with a total value of not less than 10 million Baht." Thanks for your help!
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