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  1. Wake Up, It's all about the money. This entire story is just a BS PR deflection to justify 2 Billion being spent for military toys. Think about it, you got a phone that uses a scan of your face or fingerprint to unlock, using a "biometric system", so how much did your phone cost ? Think About it
  2. IT is simple, Driven underground by the Morality Police.
  3. My Bad, I forgot they don't teach that anymore.
  4. Maybe you should have gone back as an Illegal immigrant, that way you would get free house, big government check monthly, and a free pass for anything else you need. BUT you have to have a beard.....
  5. Don't be sad, This happens to a lot of Falangs. Just put it down to Education, and learn from the lessons.
  6. It amazes me how Thailand can fall so far behind other countries, and claim to be "Free Land" The entire Immigration system needs a complete overhaul. One example is Cambodia (communist), where you can get a one year business visa for US$300.00, with no other red tape, and can own land, Business, and be like normal Cambodians. While here in Thailand, retired can not work, own land, and have Bookoo, never ending paper work. Falangs seem to be Guilty unless proven Innocent, with Discrimination running rampant within the Government. And now they take another step Backwards with the TM30 nonsense.
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