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  1. Mainly True I agree, But I notice that "Thai Smile", which shows they are thinking about the Falang, such as, how can I get my hand on that ATM in his pocket.
  2. Hey, you got to give those Chinese something to do in Thailand. Just think about all the new Chinese manufacturing jobs to be created....for Chinese. Also another step closer to China's social spy system. I have to wonder if this guy wears Red Underwear with a Star on it. Also Chinese/Thai Family history perhaps.
  3. Is Climate Change like Gender Change, where if you say so, it has to be True.
  4. Whoops, Another great purchase done before all testing is in. How can a small patch of printed material fool A.I. surveillance? Just a B200-B500 T Shirt, will do the trick. https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-10-21-small-patch-of-printed-material-fool-ai-surveillance.html
  5. Yes, I have often noticed how some Hi level Thais seem to faun over Chinese.
  6. Oh to suffer the Slings and Arrows of Immigration, only to answer the question, To Be or Not to Be an Expat in Thailand.
  7. Paper and Ink is still only Paper and Ink, No matter how much they Con you into believing otherwise. Fiat Currency always Crashes and Burns, no matter their manipulations. Tie the currency to Gold and Silver, and watch how fast Reality Corrects the Situation.
  8. Maybe this is the reason Expat Out, Chinese In. Got to make room for all those in bound Chinese Workers.
  9. I am in a Wheel Chair, a dog won't help, unless I do it Eskimo Style. I think it would be Better to have a Guide Girl, which could be another boon to employment for those Ex Pole Dancers.
  10. What about the Illegal Aliens who arrived by UFO ? Maybe that is what O-A stands for, Outa space Alien....
  11. Seems to me that most Long Term and Retired Expats, Have been trying to Integrate into Thailand, and become assets to their local Community. The Integration processes, for both individuals and groups, are long-term by nature. And most Countries try to help ease this process, by offering reduced Red tape, and Benefits, to entice those interested in settling into the Country, help to do so in an easy manner. However Thailand, acts in a completely opposite manner. Go Figure.
  12. Please don't go overboard on my account, I get enough Thanks from my Family, Friends, Local Business Owners, and Thai Immigration Once a Year. I don't need Flattery from those I do not know. Save the Red Carpet for who ever supports you.
  13. I pay for the House and Land, But my Son Owns it. No one has a Problem taking my Money, with a Big Smile, I might add.
  14. WHERE IS THE VOICE OF THAIS THAT EXPATS SUPPORT ? Where are the Thai Wife's, Kids, Family, Friends, and Others, that Expats have supported over the years ? There should be a Huge Outcry, and Backlash, over all the Bias against Expats. Especially from those that Directly Benefit from their connection to a Expat. Not to mention the Landlords, and Business Owners around the Expat's location, many of whom have become friends with their Expat Customers. I bring in a little over B1 million a year to my Family and community, and unlike the Billionaire Politician with a Pen, up in his Ivory Tower, I can see the Negative real life results from every stroke of his pen. Just like the Reason to show you have money to live and support yourself in Thailand, is only a Scheme to lock up money in a Thai Bank, which cannot be used to support yourself, or anything else, and does nothing for anyone except the Bankers. Now they come with a Scheme to lock you up with a Thai Insurance, which is next to worthless, and the cost is out of bounds from the norm. and does nothing for anyone except the Thai Insurance Cronies. No need to mention all the other Hoops and Jumps, that do nothing except add to the Cost of an ever increasing Bureaucracy, that only add needless burdens upon Expats, who try to conform to the ever expanding nonsense. No one seems to understand that the older one gets, the less BS one will accept into ones life. Common Sense dictates, that all rules be filtered, so that the Rules due to Greed and BS, be divided from, the Rules that make sense and have a real need to exist. Surely Thai People have a Common Sense ability to see Good or Bad Rules, and speak up about it. Does anyone have our Back ? So I ask again, Where are the Thai Voices about these issues ?
  15. Setup a Plan for Expats to pay into the Thai Social Fund system, thereby not being required to have insurance as the Thai government would already cover them. Also this would save all the downsides of Health care, without the need for more red tape in the Bureaucracy, as it is already set up, and only needs a Sub Heading for Expats, to be added to the system. This would help Both Thai and Expat alike, without the forced Insurance Scam. What do you think ?
  16. Once there was a man traveling to a new city. On the way he met a man coming from the city, and asked him what the city was like. The man said it was the worst city he had ever been to, people bad, food bad, all treated him bad. Soon after the traveler met another man coming from the city, and asked him what the city was like. The man said it was the best city he had ever been to, people good, food good, all treated him good. So it all depends on the Eye of the Beholder, and what you do, comes back to you, like a mirror.
  17. They are pushing the upside down agenda. Maybe same reason little boys want to be kick ass girls, and little girls want to be feminine boys. It is what happens when an Insane minority rise to power.
  18. Somewhere I heard that the ministers were discussing cannabis just prior to Debating the rules concerning Health Insurance.
  19. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD, Yes I do and JESUS is GOD in the Flesh. I would venture to say that 98% of people have developed their beliefs based on what their Family, Friends, and those they Trust, have told them, and not on their own research or study. And now today it is so much easier, to accept so called Experts Opinions, which are only Theories, put forth as Facts, in order to base Beliefs upon Others Fantasies, without any personal effort, to check or reach the Truth personally. Those cartoons showing a Angel on one shoulder, and a Devil on the other, is closer to the Truth, than most can recognize or understand. This is why you are your own worst enemy. The Brain is a Electro Magnetic Frequency Two way radio, that connects you to both GOD and the Devil, and you control the Dial and Volume. You choose either the Spiritual or Material Channel to tune into, and receive thoughts an ideas. GOD spoke the universe into existence, it is all about sound and Frequency, even our sight is based on a part of the spectrum regulated by Frequency, with much hidden out of our range. The Bible was created by men who were tuned into GOD's Spiritual Frequency, and Transcribed a Record of all time, from beginning to end, to help us understand and Tune into GOD's Channel. Ever tried to read the Bible ?, notice how tired and sleepy you got ?, Because the Devil does not want you to wake up, just go back to your Dream and sleep walking. Watch this and know the complete truth, if you can handle it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGJHyucREx8 Try Denying God’s Existence After Watching This! | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4gkpcLitL8 The Fossil Record: Proof of Noah's Flood or Evolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHRYnm_J4ts Miracles at the Crucifixion of Christ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q8jk41AI3E
  20. I would like to know how many are tired of waiting for the next shoe to drop in the Thai Visa Circus. For the last few months, it seems that more needless Red Tape and Hoop Jumping rules are being pushed in Thailand. None of which make any sense, unless you consider the Money Trail, which leads back to the Cronies of Banking and Insurance. And of course creating more paper pushing jobs, in order to grow the Bureaucracy, and turn Thailand into a top heavy whatever. I have to ask why is it getting so hard for Retirees to stay in Thailand ? Or for any other long term expats for that matter. I always thought that the longer you were in a Country, and not creating problems, they would make it easier on you, Especially if you had Family and kids. Seems like that is only Wishful thinking when it comes to Thailand. So now while walking through the Tall Grass in Thailand, I worry about when the Immigration Snake will Strike, and Destroy the Life I have made over the years with my Family here. What is the real reason behind all the recent increase of Rules and Red Tape ? We may never find out, but only watch as Thailand's Reputation and Status drops on the world stage. As for me I will make plan B, in order to set up a move to another country close to Thailand, where it will be easy to visit for my Family. Where I can pay once a year to stay, without all the Insane Rules and Red Tape, where I can enjoy my retirement years, with less stress and worry. So it will not matter when the next shoe drops.
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