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  1. @ ThaidDown Awareness might discourage some of them. Then again maybe not... @ Happy Grumpy I am not an English teacher. I just know a lot of them. Some of the stories I have heard are shocking. The qualified ones rarely stay long in the public school system. As far as I am aware you don't need a TEFL to be an English teacher. Fairly sure it's not a legal requirement in Thailand. I do have business interests here related to education so I have had to read up on the law. It was a long time ago and things change,so I may be wrong. @ hyku1147 Sad but true. I no longer have business dealings with the public school sector because of this. Puchaiyank Please note the use of the word almost. It is possible to do business here without being party to corruption. It just takes a lot of determination and diplomacy. Sadly it is very often a deal breaker, though.
  2. Fake TELF Scam. This is the entry point for most unqualified foreign 'teachers' in Thailand. An agent recruits you online and sells you a TEFL course and a job placement. The TEFL course rarely contains 120 hours of English grammar tuition. Any recognized TEFL course should be grammar based. These fake TEFL courses are not recognized in any other country. Dodgy Agents. Agents then place the unprepared 'teacher' in a school. They pay low wages to the 'teacher' and kick backs to the school. The agent obtains a work permit and visa for the 'teacher'. Best not to ask how they do this. Corruption permeates almost everything in Thailand.These unprepared 'teachers' rarely know anything about Thai labor laws and often end up breaking laws unwittingly. These 'teachers' are illegal and part of a scam that could be considered visa slavery. Quit your job lose your visa. Stand up against exploitation get fired and lose your visa. Upset the wrong person get fired lose your visa. Don't break the law for the school or agent get fired lose your visa. The schools They don't care about the students so why would they care about a fake foreign teacher? They just take the kick backs and use the 'teacher' to make more money by charging the students for English camps etc. Tourist 'teachers' come and go and the scam keeps rolling on.
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