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  1. Yes the confirmation of application came immediately for my landlord too. You can then monitor the status of it on the website. After about a month or 2 my landlord saw that the status was finally showing as successful so should soon for your wife too I guess. However after this there is a further delay of a few days (according to reports in this thread) until you actually get the username and password.
  2. So has anyone successfully used a screenshot as proof of tm30? The visa I am moving to requires a TM30 so wondering if merely this screenshot will be enough
  3. ok thanks for the replies guys. and then once we have the username and pwd, can we immediately login and get the tm30? i need to go to immigration next week friday so am hoping to have the tm30 done before then.
  4. So my landlord registered using the online link : https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/ That was about a month or 2 ago, and a few days ago apparently her status is finally showing as successful (good news?!). However she has still not been emailed the username and password... Is there supposed to be a delay between successful registration (her status is showing successful) and actually getting the username and password? If yes, how long was the delay typically? Any advice appreciated.
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