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  1. So I ended up going to Bumrungrad for a PCR Test to buy myself some peace of my mind. It’s negative. (Another 4th generation duo test as well.) Doctor said I’m not infected. I was very pleased by the quick turnaround time of the PCR test. Apparently the lab does it in the evening and you can have the results the next day around 9-10am already (might be different on holidays). So that’s 24 hrs wait time max. Cost for the PCR test is around 3,xxx THB and the 4th gen duo test around 1,xxx THB. More expensive than the Red Cross but not too much considering it’s a private hospital and the quick turnaround time. Both results were delivered by a phone call from the doctor. The first one (for the 4th gen duo test) came a bit later than I thought (c. 3 hrs after the blood collection rather than 1-2 hrs as I was being told) which obviously made me panic a bit. They will also email the results. I would also highly recommend the doctor I got. He almost had to laugh (in a positive, reassuring way) about my worries and that I want to do another test. He actually advised me I shouldn’t spend more money on tests and that, while he can’t say for sure, of course, he really doesn’t believe I got an infection by 15-20 seconds unprotected vaginal sex and a 4th gen test negative six weeks after. He warned me more about bacterial infections. In the end, he said the hospital will be happy to receive my money if it gives me peace of mind. He explained the different tests and time windows again, and that symptoms directly after an exposure could not be caused by an infection because of the incubation time of c. 1-2 weeks at least. Did a quick physical examination (lymph glands, mouth, cock etc.) and sent me to the blood collection. Only disappointing thing was that I had to wait 1.5 hrs even though I had an appointment. Apparently he’s a popular doctor who takes his time with the patients. Guess it’s better to come with an early appointment. Thanks for your encouraging words everyone. I’m relived.
  2. Thank you for responses. I makes me feel a bit better. Is there any point doing a PCR Test at Bumrungrad? I read contradicting information; some said it would detect an infection for sure after a few weeks, while others said that an additional test at three months would still be necessary. Others said it may detect the virus, but if the antibody test turns out to be negative later it means you’re not infected (traces of the virus there but not infection). The diarrhea might not be a symptom then; I have since the first days after the event (maybe it started even before, can’t remember). Loss of appetite started c. 4 weeks after but could be caused by antibiotics use. Fatigue started shortly after but could be caused by me panicking. I feel very anxious and depressed.
  3. Does anyone know where to do a NAT test in Bangkok? All clinics seem to be doing the normal duo tests only. I found something on the Thai Red Cross website but when you go there they just do the duo test. Ive tested negative after 6 weeks of exposure with a female sex worker (lastet only 20 seconds or so but still) but am still freaking out because I got sick after. Have chronic diarrhea since then which no antibiotics seems to be working against, and lately loss of appetite and weight plus fatigue. I know these might have other reasons; two of the antibiotics state loss of appetite as a side effect, and some might be just the anxiety (I barely sleep). I just can’t wait another 6 weeks and understand the NAT test could be done now and would provide a definite answer.
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