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  1. Slump: undergo a sudden severe or prolonged fall in price, value, or amount. A fall of 100 baht in a day is hardly a slump. I do wish journalists would not exaggerate or dramatise. Just report the news, as it is without superlatives or hyperbole where they have no place.
  2. The best thing to do when a fire breaks out in a diesel truck is to run away. A small extinguisher ain't gonna do squat. Even a big one when the fire really takes hold would be useless.
  3. Smoked rubber, so much better flavour than your common or garden rubber.
  4. 939,707,000,000 baht, decided by 185993 equals average of just over 5 million. In BKK, I am thinking this might get you a parking spot. Or a shack under the bridge over the river.
  5. That's because dogs are not owned here. They appear to stay and the householders feed them out of the goodness of their hearts. As they are not owned, or family pets, they cannot be abandoned. They just leave of their own accord.
  6. I use Western Union online. A pain to register, but successful every time. In my view, fees are not exorbitant.
  7. Where and/or who is Britain? The Greater London Authority runs London. It's executive head is the directly elected Mayor. Most of its money appears to come from a Government grant with some collected from Council Taxes. Government grants are tax payers' money, so I guess the tax payers of the United Kingdom want to know how their money is spent and if the tax payers have to continue to pay for London... Quid pro Quo. The pandemic has affected 'public transport' everywhere. No body using busses or trains. Sad. Companies finding it difficult. But London transport issu
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