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  1. Blimey I don't know what to think. Leo is determined to end this disenfranchisement. The state of being denied a right or privilege, for example, the right to vote. Forgive me, I'm a Brit. But don't black people have the right to vote in the US? If they do, how can they be disenfranchised? 15th Amendment, I believe..... As for so called celebs, if they spend too much time out of the public eye, they always come up with something the papers think will sell. Whilst everyone has the right to an opinion, no one has the right to force it on others. As for the comments about the UK, no one is forcing you to clap or bend a knee, and for sure no one is forcing you to commit incest.
  2. According to this article, the cost of living in the UK is very high. The phrase 'Very high' is subjective and has no place in journalism. It's an opinion not worthy of publication. According to the Cost of living index for 2019, UK is 19 out of 99, Cambodia is 42 and Thailand is 38. More expensive than some European Union countries and no doubt they would classify the cost of living in Cambodia as 'very high'. https://www.worlddata.info/cost-of-living.php
  3. Collusion at the highest levels to ensure that those who protest and criticise from abroad pose no further threat. quid pro quo, I should imagine. Certain North East Asian and Central Asian countries would be so proud.
  4. Apparently 180,000 people are reported missing in the UK every year. In 3 years, that would be 540,000 people. https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/latest-news/1018-missing-people-publishes-latest-uk-statistics.html I am surprised that it's only 21 people that have been missing since 2017 in Chonburi.
  5. I'm not sure the Irish would appreciate the term 'British Isles '. Just saying....
  6. I noticed the drop in auto fuel prices, but nothing of note in any shop or suoermarket. Prices for items I bought were the same or increased.
  7. So am I and my wife and children and their family.... What happened to market forces and a capitalist economy? Isn't this similar to what good old Taksin et al was accused of? Pay the farmers more than the value of the commodity? Can only sell at the market rate and lose shed loads of Thai people's cash?
  8. I'm English and a commission is something paid to someone for a service rendered, based on the value of that service, normally a percentage of the value of the service. Usually to an agent in a commercial transaction. Someone sells something and the purchaser pays for it. The vendor pays the seller a percentage of the purchase price of an agreed sum. A rebate is a sum paid back for an overpayment. I.e. Tax rebate. An amount credited to a payer of tax that is in excess of that required. A discount is an amount the vendor reduces the recommended retail or wholesale price.
  9. Dear George. Like all so called celebs, he has no answer, no panacea. Saying racism is America's pandemic trivializes both the racism and the covid 19. There are many experts in the field and they have no answer, he has no answer. Perhaps he's been out of the public eye for too long.
  10. Holy moly. It's the lamp post's bigger brother.....
  11. I agree, senior to me means high ranking. Anyone above police colonel, for instance. The circumstances seem suspicious and at least one of the vehicles was in the wrong place. At least the ubiquitous lamp post didn't play a part this time.
  12. No nation has friends only interests. Charles de Gaulle From Lord Palmerston, (2 times Prime Minister): “England has no eternal friends, England has no perpetual enemies, England has only eternal and perpetual interests”. When politicians spout about countries, they do not mean the people. Most people don't care and just want to live and get on with life. Most people are sick of politicians and their eternal self interests. Countries don't have freinds. People have friends.
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