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  1. I take it that when they say the British Navy, they mean the Royal Navy. Shore leave for 14 days in Phuket? Is this what I continue to pay taxes for?
  2. Make it legal. Tax it. Make money for the government. Admit the obvious, everyone does it, whether you are concerned or not. Everyone, even those who are charged with enforcing the no gambling laws...
  3. Good grief. There's a provincial governor, and other hierarchy. Now a DPM gets involved?
  4. You have verified that she is a thief and she has no legal rights to this land? You had no rights to cross this land without permission at any time. Just because you did it for 5 years, doesn't make it right. It just makes it wrong for 5 years. I concur with previous comments, keep out of it. It does not concern you. The welfare of the trees on someone else's land is not your concern at anytime. Nor would it be in your home country, unless there was an equivalent to a preservation order on them. Complain in the house, but keep it to yourselves. If a Thai pe
  5. And these countries are...? Pushing with full gas...? 8.45 doses per 100 people. Gibraltar, 230 doses per 100 people, UK, 102.74 doses per 100 people, US, 91.4 doses per 100 people, Cambodia, 30.67, Bhutan, 62.56... https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations Full gas, my aspadistra.
  6. Gullible as I was, I registered on this website. I was offered a choice of 3 locations for a jab. A choice of vaccine too. The only issue was, the 3 choices of vaccination centre are all Bangkok hospitals, and I live in Si Saket, some 530kms away....
  7. Ah, but this only applies if the miscreant was convicted overseas. And that conviction is only judged as not being a disqualification to be a Government minister. If you or I had an overseas conviction this would rule us ineligible to reside here, but we could become government ministers.
  8. I guess the question is: What is one to do when arrives at the vaccination centre for an appointment and there is insufficient for one's vaccination? The appointment has not been postponed or cancelled, in accordance with the wishes of the DPHM, but no vaccine has been given. Another appointment? Not to be postponed under similar circumstances? How many times does one have to have an appointment where nothing happens? What does the majority of people, who have no transport of their own, or have but a <deleted>ty motorbike or 2 wheel tractor, do? We, the wife and I, have the only 4 w
  9. There are few things I detest more, and not just because the Prime Minister has allegedly said it in an English translation of his comments in Thai. That is, 'I would like to apologise if...' Why say it? You don't know If people have been affected? What are you? Prime Minister, Head of the CCSA?
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