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  1. For people who complained about the press, they spend a lot of time courting publicity. I wish that all the press in all the world would just leave them alone. Please, that's all they ever wanted. I see more stories about them now than I ever did whilst they were working. He worked well whilst serving with the Army, I even forgave him his high spirits, after all, what's a spare to do? This, what he and his wife are doing now just pisses me off big time.
  2. Hold on now. You are sure the guys who 'bash' Thai drivers fail to comply with the laws and customs of Thailand? I see one so called 'farang' riding without a helmet. Has this guy written something on here about Thais failing to comply, or are you just stereotyping?
  3. I think not. I, for one wish the Scots would just get on with it instead of faffing around. The English people care not a jot for the Scots, nor the Scots people for the English. Each just wish to live their lives and really are not concerned about 'the union'.
  4. Good. Pay more attention, and perhaps others will stop their complaining about Thai drivers doing the same. Nice to know red light cameras are available and working. Now all that needs to be done is to ensure all motor vehicles have registration plates fitted. I seriously considered taking them off my pick up, no one seems to care.
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