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  1. It's always 'my friend' Good luck on Monday.
  2. Thanks for the input. Yes a RTS the only way to go now. Just responded, made up a silly excuse for not having the receipt and requested RTS, so let's see what they come back with.
  3. Thanks Charlie. So should I just ignore the request and just tell DHL that I want the package returned? And yes agree, will be the first and last time I will be playing this game.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a problemo, I ordered a Tag watch from ebay from the States, value of the watch $1,000.00..due to the outrageous duties charged here I asked the seller if he could mark the package for a lower amount, he agreed and marked it up for $200.00 The package was shipped with DHL. Customs here must have smelt a rat as they opened the package and are now asking for proof of payment which of course I can not provide for $200.00 Is there any genuine advice on what to do? I am happy at this point to have it sent back and drawer a line but would they accept that? Also the seller is panicking a little as he thinks he may land in trouble now? Cheers for any good advice. KKJ
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