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  1. Can someone pelase advise of me the following. How much money do I need to evidence in my bank account? For some reason she thinks £5000 minimum. This is fine but from what people on this forum say , I should be sending bank statements? I have provided the following. - Intro letter - (Sponsor letter) - 6 months wage slips - 6 months bank statements - proof of employment - Proof of address ( contract ) - Photos of my property - passport She has sent all the above also along with iteniary Again, I stress this is a 2 year visitor visa and she has put me as her sponser. Thank you
  2. Hello , I need some some advice regarding the above visa type. My partner lives in Bangkok and I live in England and have been in a relationship together for a while. I have visited her over in BKK a number of times and in the summer she came here for around 2 months. I have just returned from BKK and now we both want her to come to England for Christmas and have decided to go for the two year visitor visa with myself as her sponsor. She has booked her flights already and will arrive in December and leave in January. My question first of all is - is this the right visa type in your expert opinion ? I have plans to marry but not yet and previously she has been to England on the 6 month visa types but it’s annoying to have to keep reapplying for her so a two year visa would give us more breathing space and flexibility I feel? Second question my my partner is very organised , has a good job and stable income with payslips , she works from home and plans to work while she is here in England ( for her Thai company during thai hours from her laptop ) - is this allowed on a technicality ? My partner had also evidenced greatly reasons to return to Thailand following the trip What do I need to consider when I am putting the forms together ? I have a stable job for the government, my own business, a house , proof of income, bank statements , relationship timeline, introduction letter and wage slips . She also has the same documentation put together with also travel insurance and is including her flight ticket with this which includes a return flight. On previous occasions when I was not her sponsor she had to evidence what she was doing in England each day , however this time I am not planning on making a day to day itinerary , I work for emergency services and we are busy over Christmas and it’s busy and dynamic. thank you for your help.
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