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  1. The thing I am arguing against is that some here are clearly advocating boosting the immune system instead of getting vaccinated. "You'd don't need vaccination if you have a strong immune system." Or words to that effect have been put forth in TVF repeatedly. I am not trying to stamp out dietary supplements, especially since (as you point out) they are clearly beneficial for those with a deficiency.
  2. Go ahead and try and change somebody's mind on this topic. Discussions are interesting but realistically few (none?) are going to change their mind.
  3. A few studies none of which are double blind placebo controlled studies are not scientific proof, but beyond that the point is this: My point is you are not going to protect yourself from COVID by supplementing with Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C or whatever other immune booster you favor. My point is that the vaccines are the most effective way to boost your immune function and especially to boost the acquired immunity that will specifically protect against COVID. The supplements do nothing to boost the acquired immunity that will specifically protect against COVID.
  4. "One of the many that has an adverse reaction"? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/world/covid-vaccinations-tracker.html "More than 919 million vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, equal to 12 doses for every 100 people." How many adverse reactions have there been? One of the most common logical fallacies is the "post hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy, and because someone has an adverse health event after having a vaccination does not mean that it was caused by the vaccine. Out of 919 million how many adverse reaction would you consider to be "many"?
  5. That was a quote, not my statement. It is true that there are studies that indicate benefits from Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C on the immune system. I concede that.
  6. The negative effects of lockdowns really should be a factor as they are significant. The hospitals are not overwhelmed because of lockdowns. It is treating COVID patients that causes other health problems to be neglected.
  7. Research into malaria vaccines has been a very active field. You are correct that it has not been successful. But that is not because of lack of effort. The difficulty of developing a vaccine of course differs from one disease to another. The spectacular success of the development of COVID vaccines has changed perception, and raised expectations of vaccine development. I think if you look into it you will see that there have been very serious and very dedicated efforts to control and eradicate malaria. You ask questions about malaria, but have you looked into the history of eff
  8. Let's not say that, maybe a different choice of words.
  9. If I am not mistaken, herd immunity to a communicable disease has never been achieved without a vaccine. I would be interested to know if there is a historical example of this happening. Have heard people cite SARS but this not true, SARS was eliminated by the "old timey" techniques of track, trace and isolate.
  10. I have encountered dozens of them in my work. Most are sweet and gentle, I have only encountered 1 or 2 aggressive pitbulls. My upstairs neighbor has one and it is quiet and gentle and friendly. But I always wonder if they are ticking time bombs because when they are aggressive they are terrifying.
  11. It is apparently true that Vitamin D, and zinc, and also Vitamin C are needed for immune system functioning. Certainly if vitamin or mineral deficiencies exist, supplementation may be helpful. I don't think it is true that "vitamin D and Zinc Supplements has proven to boost the effectiveness of a persons immune system", I think you are overstating the case for these supplements. Apparently, the evidence for Vitamin D is strongest. I have seen no convincing evidence that these measures make dramatic changes in immune function. They may help but with respect to CO
  12. Yes, & just imagine what they might do... True, but also imagine the level of scrutiny and critical observation from competitors. I imagine they are all watching each other rather closely.
  13. I had not seen this before although it has been published for weeks. Sometimes the number alone doesn't tell the whole story. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/science/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker.html#novavax “Sinovac Biotech, a private Chinese company, developed an inactivated vaccine called CoronaVac in early 2020. In early 2021, trials in Brazil and Turkey showed that it could protect against COVID-19, but they delivered strikingly different results - in part because they designed the trials differently. In Brazil, the efficacy against Covid-19 w
  14. Tablet and nasal spray versions are in testing by various labs. I don't know about whether they are intended for daily use but there are labs out there grinding away. No matter what your business, imagine if you could develop a product that had a potential market of very person on earth.
  15. Hilarious, what exactly are you saying? Many have thought this, glad someone else said it. Forget about the assertion being criticized, it's the "even for" part I am enjoying.
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