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  1. Yes, they should believe that virgins have babies and people rise from the dead, like sensible people believe.
  2. Elijah McClain was killed by the cops after a 911 caller reported a man acting "sketchy", the 911 caller stated that they (the caller) were in no danger, and apparently that the person they were reporting on had not committed a crime. The cops used excessive force even though Elijah McClain had committed no crime. The argument could be made that the cops should have ignored the Gladys Kravitz 911 call, should have driven right past Mr. McClain, should have spoken to him and moved on when he clearly had committed no crime. To now be yucking it up over this young man's death shows the essential depravity of these cops. My number one emotion concerning this is deep sadness at the death of a young man at the hands of bully boy cops. I think it has to stop.
  3. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined Book by Steven Pinker I found this book to be interesting on this topic. Of course written by professor from Harvard and MIT and I am sure that will disqualify him for some readers.
  4. You are spot on, the virus is real and is not hoax. This week I met a 52 year old female "recovered" from COVID (that is COVID negative by test). She was 90 days in the hospital, came home last week. Before contracting Covid19 she had no health problems and took no medications. Now she requires 3 days a week kidney dialysis and supplemental oxygen as a result her illness. Not just another flu.
  5. Gambling is an addiction and in some ways the worst one. After losing it seems the problem gambler is always thinking "I gotta win it back". I think the gambling is a problem that is outside of any cultural difference between Thai and Western culture. Consequences like jail, poverty, loss of home and family don't seem to motivate addicts to try and change. My sympathies, I don't think there is an easy answer. I think that as others have said problem gamblers rarely are able to quit. Certainly unless she gets involved in a program with outside help not much chance. Best of luck to you.
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