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  1. And I think the teacher's license as well as license waivers last a max of six years IIRC.
  2. https://www.wired.com/story/the-statistical-secrets-of-covid-19-vaccines/#intcid=_wired-homepage-right-rail_352410f2-3e88-4148-b5c3-8733609a4b76_popular4-1 'But “efficacy” has a specific meaning in the world of vaccine statistics, and it’s not “Hey, if I get a shot, my chance of getting Covid is now just 5%!” Ha, no, you dope. Because your chance of getting Covid wasn’t 100% in the first place. See, vaccine efficacy is actually a relative risk reduction. It’s a ratio comparing the risk of infection in people who got vaccinated versus people who didn’t (the control group). ' Ke
  3. I think you are right, but I would add one more benefit: antibiotics. Although, not available to everyone they are widely available and infections that killed before the use of antibiotics are now routinely cleared up with them.
  4. "To think it will be stopped is ridiculous as saying 'flu can be stopped." That is an interesting subject. Apparently flu is way down this year. I am interested to see what epidemiologists make of it when the dust settles.
  5. My apologies, I was not intending to modify your post. Not sure what that is about. Oh I see, you want to be quoted in full, I didn't realize that was a forum rule. AS far as "smart", of course, call it what you will. Calling it smart is metaphorical so to speak, but it works.
  6. https://literaryterms.net/anthropomorphism/ "What is Anthropomorphism? Anthropomorphism is giving human traits or attributes to animals, inanimate objects or other non-human things." People use words that describe the virus as if it has intention. It does not. It can be useful to use such language as a shortcut to describing what "happens to" the virus. The virus is not "doing things". The changes to the virus are a result of random errors in the transcription of the genetic material of the virus. The variants that have changes that give them an advantage in reprod
  7. Duane Allman, "Happily Married Man": "I ain't seen my wife in 2 or 3 years, I'm a happily married man..." Probably not considered to be "woke" as far as the lyrics.
  8. I got a bite from a dog while walking on the street in Chiang Mai. He looked like a chubby old Labrador, he was wearing a t-shirt so I thought he was civilized. No bark, no growl, just walked up matter of fact and bit me. My Thai friend went to the scene of the crime and came back and told me she talked to the neighbors (I guess ) and they vouched for the dog's character so I didn't have to worry. I worried but was ok.
  9. And some ... person... on this forum thinks that what is happening in India is funny.
  10. Look at what is happening in India. That is the disease running it's course.
  11. "that's it. i'm done talking about covid. i'm retiring my account. " Promises, promises.
  12. True, but the threat of exponential increase is always there. India was pretty happy with their status and did not get vaccination program going, no country wants to see what India has experienced. The former president of the USA declared the COVID pandemic a hoax when the US had 63 cases and eventually the USA became the COVID hotspot of the world. Cannot tell the future, does anyone want to bet people's lives on the result?
  13. Thing is you don't get a lot of info when you try it. I had the 2 Moderna jabs in January. No side effects at all, my experience is no different than if I had not got the jab. Does it protect me? Who knows if I have been exposed to the virus. I have not been sick, but I didn't get sick in the previous year either when the virus was present. What can I conclude from my own experience?
  14. Yes, why isn't Moderna in the plans? It has not been in any of these discussions at all. Moderna has limitations in difficulty of distribution but these are the same that Pfizer has.
  15. As I said, everyone is a liar except you.
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