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  1. Is it possible for anyone to use the Rayong office, or do you have to live in that area? Does someone have a map? Am guessing it is the one that shows up n google maps just of Sukhumwit near Assumption college? Also how is the English level of the staff.
  2. Thank you. 800k in bank for 1 year. Is photocopy of bank book needed, as well as stamped and dated balance statement from bank. Can this be done the day before and is there any special format. Are they any other special immigration forms to fill out (with download link if possible). Thanks again.
  3. Question is at end of employment contract with WP/extension of stay from One Stop in Bangkok, convert to retirement and stay on. Basically need to know which forms, procedures and bank info required. Have heard must cancel WP in morning at Chamchuri and convert visa(or extension?) at Chang Wattana in afternoon? Is this even possible? A bit clueless here, so all advice welcome.
  4. Thank you. In practical terms what exactly does this mean in terms of documentation for "proof". Does anyone have recent experience?
  5. Thank you for your response. I had never heard anyone mention doing this at One stop before, only at CW, so was confused. Could someone please confirm what documents from landlord are required to do this?
  6. Could someone please update which documents are required for foreigner renter to file for rental unit(owned by Thai national) Also what is the maximum fine? Is it possible to also file this form at One Stop Chamchuri if visa was done there, or does it have to be filed at Chaeng Wattana? Thank you
  7. Thanks for information, along with what documents are required. If possible prefer Penang, but is proof of retirement necessary for any of these places, and what exactly is proof. Ideally prefer easiest documentation, such as 800k in Thai bank plus bank letter. Thanks again.
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