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  1. Given the current crisis with economies shut down and people dying I think any of the current vaccines are better than no vaccine.
  2. The key phrase is elective surgery. If it is life threatening you go to the front of the line and the Canadian healthcare system moves heaven and earth for you. That's how it is designed to work. Cost effective and efficient. Putting the limited money where it is most needed. If you also want short elective surgery wait times and don't want your taxes tripling, then it needs to be a public-private system like the UK.
  3. There is also Novavax coming soon. It could be approved in the UK any day now. About as cheap and easy to make as AZ, similar storage requirements. It's not an adenovirus so should not have blood clot issues. They are selling for profit though so it will be more expensive than AZ. I think AZ sells for about $3 a shot at cost and Novavax wants to sell theirs for $10 a shot or more.
  4. They can't because there is not enough vaccine to go around. So instead we get these nonsensical restrictions to make people believe they are accomplishing something.
  5. Definitely lots of haters here. If they hate Thailand so much they should go back to were ever they came from. You have been in Thailand too long if it gets to you that much imo. Seems to be lots of China haters here as well.
  6. There was a recent study that found pretty much all QAnon followers have mental health issues. I think that is what it boils down to for a lot these people.
  7. I gotta wonder why someone would willingly enter into such an arrangement. With all the stories out there that everyone has heard over and over again you cannot even use naivety as an excuse.
  8. They also seem to be staying quiet on the fact the US has a high rate of obesity which is contributing to their high critical illness/death rate. I don't here anyone calling for people to lose weight and get in better shape. I do hear lots of BS about pseudoscientific cures though, like sticking a uv tube up your sphincter or using some drugs that were never designed for that purpose.
  9. I'm not here to do google searches for people, who usually won't bother reading it anyways, every time they demand it, which is pretty much always now even if I say the sky is blue.
  10. You still didn't answer my question but I never expected a proper answer from someone who clearly never thought it through and knows nothing about it beyond building sandcastles.
  11. That has almost NOTHING to do with what I said but whatever. Not my problem. Go argue with the scientists about it.
  12. No they can't. The Thai wife/husband owns 100% of it. I personally would never do that no matter how much I think the relationship will last forever. I've heard way too many stories of people (mostly guys) getting screwed.
  13. Yes, they need to just snap their fingers and make non-existent vaccine supply suddenly appear.
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