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  1. Ironic that Boris was responsible for May's deal not getting through months ago. if he had voted for it then, Brexit would have been passed.
  2. true but demand is influenced by government policy unless you don't believe in a country guiding the development path and rely on free enterprise and the market
  3. check this out! It doesn't need to be electric to be carbon neutral https://www.marketplace.org/2019/10/10/a-new-jet-fuel-offers-the-prospect-of-no-carbon-guilt-free-flying/
  4. And what is wrong with that? People like me who fly less than we would because of our impact on CO2 welcome a well thought out and large scale adjustment of the aviation industry so each time we fly we are part of the solution and not the pollution. Flying is cheap when you compare it with historical prices so if say 20% extra was charged and as a result ideally speaking we read about restoration of rainforests instead of destruction, I'd happily fly. Instead of seeing billowing smoke from fires, we saw regreening by airline passenger tickets of Borneo or the Amazon out of the aircraft windows would add an extra satisfaction to flying. I'm sure it is not that simple and a lot of the carbon offsetting is by reducing other industries emissions which are easier to reduce than a plane's. Strictly speaking this type of offsetting is not solving anything but it is preventing it from getting worse. Also some carbon offsetting can be done by using fuels which are carbon neutral. I understand there is an emotional response to this type of thing from many forum members who are uncomfortable with the environment taking centre stage but I welcome it. There are great deal of experts in earth science, chemical science and engineering, economics and policy planning whose lives are devoted to finding solutions to the greatest issue of our time. Knee jerk reactions by people who are uninformed or not up to speed seems to be the norm but making a virtue out of ignorance is not really the way to go. Better to read up on the science and see how people are finding solutions and embrace them!
  5. Nothing will exist as we know it today in 30 years regardless of if action is taken or if it is not. Business as usual cannot continue so what you say is a truism. We either adjust or the planet will adjust us!
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