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  1. Similar thing happened to me once with 60 Chula Uni undergrad student final exam papers. Blew off my CBR400RR near Democracy monument back in 1993. Luckily, the papers were of little interest to any other motorist and I managed to grab them all after many minutes of running up and down 4 lanes of traffic or I'd have some serious explaining to do! I think the tyre marks might have raised a few eyebrows when I handed them over to the Khunying Ajaarn to double checked the scores!
  2. On most of the beaches around here in Ban Chang, dog poo would be the least of your worries. Broken glass, rotten fish and other sea creatures, chemicals, micro plastics. LOL, where do you think all the fish poo? Hope you don't go swimming in the sea then... Agree 100% with poster about soi dogs bothering people just going for a nice stroll on the beach with their trained pet. I mean why? Same at many supposedly peaceful temples and even some conservation areas. TIT!
  3. We've made some nice carbon hi-so face shields to trump any others out there. None of that common plastic <deleted>. Sends out a statement that I'm sporty, modern, rich and hi-so
  4. ending up being squashed into the ground of a riding ring is not really recycled. If you melt glass or steel down to be reused in its original use then that is a real circular recycling economy. Same with this conscious clearing tyres which are shredded into playgrounds and then what becomes of the playgrounds after they are removed. The rubber is still there for eternity just out of sight. IMHO, his installations just illustrate the ridiculous society we live in. Thought provoking about how wasteful we are perhaps but anyway, that probably is not his intention.
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