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  1. that is what they said about the Wright Brother's flier and 30 years later they had the big flying boats and 20 years after that the 707!
  2. That ad and the other ones in the series really annoys me. If you look closely, they don't even get English speaking actors and the words do not match the lips so it already looks suspicious and not at all 'Thai' for want of a better word. They should have had an international patient and English speaking doctor As it stands, they could have said anything which already makes it a bit false and suspicious to start! I've used Bangkok Hospital on many occasions and had a good relationship with various specialists, some of whom I have seen for years, but hugging would never have been contemplated by either party. The atmosphere in the hospital is that they are busy and is more of getting you in and out of consultations asap. As for that ridiculous line that 'we are happy every time you go home', is inferring that some hospitals are not (and probably they are not) or wouldn't have thought of that to start with (two face talk etc). The implication is that they wish they had dragged out the treatment and unnecessary drugs for longer to make more short term profit out of their poor patients? it is a bit like when someone does you a favour and then jokingly says you owe me 1000THB, and you know they must be thinking a bit that way to even come out with it. Just my take...
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