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  1. I received notice from admin at my condo complex on Friday August 19th that I should contact Pattaya city hall and check if I have an outstanding tax bill. I have received no bill, but they are advising co-owners to call and confirm that there is no land and buildings tax due. It seems few people have actually been receiving the invoices. The note also mentioned that there is a 90% discount applicable to this tax if paid before the end of August 2020. In the letter, admin say before the end of September, but I have heard August from other sources. The tax payment date was postponed from march due to the epidemic. I am wondering if anyone has experience of paying this tax and the sums involved. I own two condos, which I use as vacation homes several times a year. I do not reside there permanently. I know the tax is based off of the appraised value of the units, but I have no information on how much that is. I purchased 4 years ago and the sales prices were 4.5 million and 2.3 million respectively. Since I am not in Thailand (overseas buyer) and don't speak Thai, my only option seems to be to retain the services of an accountant or lawyer to handle this. I am sure this will probably run me far more than the value of the tax payable. However, i don't see what option I have. I don't want to get a penalty. If anyone has any experience of dealing with paying this tax, any information about the likely amounts involved or suggestions about suitable (reasonably priced) accountants or lawyers who can reliably take care of this then I would really appreciate it. Many thanks. Original message from admin. Dear: Co-owners Title: Land and building tax payment for the year 2020 Notification of land and building tax for the year 2020, if any co-owners have not yet received a letter requesting a tax payment, please contact to Pattaya city hall from today until September 30, 2020, to receive a 90% discount of the amount to be paid. If you do not pay within the specified time will be charged a late fee by Pattaya city Documents used to contact at the Revenue and Benefits Department, Pattaya City, Floor 1, Building 1 1. Copy of house registration 2. Copy of National ID Card / or Passport 3. A copy of the title deed front-back For more information, please contact the Revenue and Benefits Department, Pattaya City from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri. Telephone number (038) 253148 -149, Mobile Line ID: 0839749584. Or you can call to request the amount to be paid and transfer payments as details as follows Account name: Pattaya City Bank: Krung Thai Bank, South Pattaya Branch Account Number: 221-6-02322-1 Account Type: Current Account
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