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  1. Hiya David, I agree with your observations but should it become a new stipulation we must as always bend with the wind. If it does become so then searching for the least expensive cover will do. The following is an important observation based on the sad demise of uninsured expats For those over 75 then as like in the UK unless you took your cover out at a younger age then it is as far as my searches both previously and recently getting ins. is unattainable. Forget the visa scenario for a minute and look at what happens and I have observed over my time here is.... Sadly so many who where well off finished up with zero after paying extortionate bills in attempts to get better, especially with the more serious life threatening situations and spent their final days in agony unable to get home because of it and eventually passed on in relief. I can see so many healthy mates even now in my minds eye who went downhill fast, ran out of funds and it has been heartbreaking to witness it. If you can try to ignore the visa demands if you can and get adequate cover for yourself because I personally would not wish what could happen otherwise on no one. If you are young enough then invest now before the age limitation scenario kicks in and it is impossible to get insurance. Get it while you can please as I for one do not wish to witness any more suffering if it is at all possible. WE all know Immigration doesn't give anything about our well being and like now will continue to put financial obstacles in our way. May I suggest they come up with a reasonable cover programme with fixed prices for treatment if they are really concerned about us and our quality of life while we are guests in their country. If only !!!! Thank you Busby
  2. I personally do not understand why it is not reasonable to be expected to have medical insurance cover here in Thailand. Everyone knows or should be aware of the non provisions for expats and should accept responsibility to make sure they have adequate cover. I personally feel obliged to make sure, should I have need of it I am covered and carry a medical card around with me all the time. I am now 75 and came here 27 years ago and have been covered from the day my initial 180 UK I had ran out. Sure the premiums go up but I am safe in the knowledge I can depend on it should the need ever arise. I'm not sure what the alternatives are but do know that without back up funds or M. Ins. your chances of getting free cover are zero as of the last time I read an article covering this important subject. There could also be a massive bill being issued to your loved ones following the initial emergency treatment we are allowed ????? Get insured you know it makes sense Busby
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