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  1. Just seach for Buakhouw Clinic in Google Maps. Can't get it linked for some reason.
  2. Sure you used the above link? I never managed to get through it before but now there's another application it seems and it works now for me. Looks even professional ...
  3. Soi Bua Khao Clinic for the Rabies, 600 Baht for the follow ups.
  4. https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do?cmd=acceptTerm No spam, maybe a real person has to look at it. But again it got approved. Checking status also says APPROVED and it gives a next appointment date.
  5. I just did it. Approved instantly. Gives you a printable confirmation. See my post of 4 hrs ago ...
  6. Wow! It worked! Instantly approved. And now? Do I have to print it and staple it into my passport? Why the email adres? Not received anything yet by email or do I have to wait till working hours? How/where can I see the next date for 90-day reporting? TIA
  7. No of course not, but it's one of the roads to Rome to get your backup locally. Good luck!
  8. You can add everything into Thunderbird, Outlook accounts and yahoo. It has even a build in feedreader if you want to use that. And then you can backup the whole lot ... I am doing this for several years already and works perfectly.
  9. Maybe he means when people get drunk and fall asleep aside the road then ....
  10. Many roads to Rome I guess but you could install Mozilla Thunderbird email reader and download all your emails into it and then use Mozbackup to ... back it up. Probably you must give your yahoo emails the unread status.
  11. Not even between Aranphet and Pattaya. My gf took a minibus to Aran 13/1 and came back by car 14/1, never been checked.
  12. If it stores your travel info why not wait till you have wifi so preventing the use of a phone provider?
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