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  1. A medical person has taken it upon himself, perhaps with the blessing of the the powers that be, to enlighten us about opening borders. Looks to be no other way but to vaccinate the entire Thai population before a SAFE re-opening can occur and large scale tourism can resume. Are we looking at mid 2022 now, or is that too optimistic?
  2. Basically he knows he can get away with it; apologize, wai, small fine, all is forgiven. It's taken over twenty years to get to this level. One wonders if a new tourist industry in a world class family friendly Pattaya can be built after the pandemic. Perhaps handout chicken essence soup gift baskets as they get off the plane.
  3. Face saving response to non Sinovac injection, you go PM Prayuth Chan-ocha! .... boy, I wish I could get some AstraZ ... before 2022, sigh.
  4. It certainly is a favorite ear-blather point of the amateur epidemiologist squad. Good news; Johnson and Johnson's vaccine is getting very good reviews and will help with availability shortfalls of the other vaccines, well maybe not here but ..
  5. Have you thought about visiting a store?
  6. Illy is great, but more an espresso brand. So is Starbucks Komodo Dragon blend, (Indonesia coffees) or Sumatra, for drip. You will find they cost 2.5 to 3 times as much as you would buy in Italy, the US, Australia, where ever. This is because of TAX. If something is cheap, by that I mean reasonable, and has something like 'Blue Mountain' or 'Botswana Gold' as a label. Excellent chance, just a name and the coffee is grown in Phayao. Misunderstandings happen. Hillkoff has a great selection of Thai coffees for a reasonable price, but that is what it is, Thai Coffee. I would buy at th
  7. Interesting where he washes up. I had wondered where he had gone when that other paper decided the Soul Searching column did not fit into their OP/ED plans anymore.
  8. You forget, FOX news is not a news network. That by FOX news creator Roger Ailes own admission in a legal case. 'They give opinions on the news'. As such leaving out that he is Republican is understandable. That is not the news they want their listeners to hear so ... CUT.
  9. No one to blame but AstraZeneca here. Move along Yes Nattering Nabobs of Negativity, its AstraZeneca who is responsible. They had to pull Thailand kicking and screaming to manufacture the vaccine, even though this would make significant delays in vaccinating the Thai population. If you do not like that then no one to blame but AstraZeneca. Move along now.
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