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  1. Indonesia has reverse seasons from Thailand. When it is the hot, burning season here it is the rains in Indo. Uh oh, worried about the rains now ... head to the eastern side of the worlds largest archipelago; Sulawesi, the Moluccas or Lesser Sunda islands. No need to send money for this information. It's all free.
  2. As the US just recorded more than 90,000 Covid-19 cases in one day for the first time on Thursday, and with more than 30 states reporting more than 1,000 cases. This will not help the president, it will sink him.
  3. Oh no, just when you thought they could get a panic party rolling about Hunter Biden's laptop. The Pandemic rears its head, again. Bad luck that.
  4. Yes Mr Erdogan and how did Turkey deal with people of a different faith? Genocide, Massacre, & forced ethnic expulsion of the Greek, Armenian and Syriac Christian minorities. Thankfully France does not copy the Turkish example.
  5. Not as close as I once thought it might be. The US just surpassed the July record for single day wuhan virus infections last friday, with 83K. This surge will continue right up to and through election day. A sad & very visible reminder of the Trump Administrations incompetence. It is, and will destroy any chance Trumps team thought they had of making it close race in the final week. 'Not with a bang, but with a whimper'
  6. - link to WaPost article ---- And I would like to read that article ..... However .......My wifi Co has blocked The Washington Post (along with others) for a month now.
  7. People and especially Foreigners love to yammer about this. Nostalgia time; I recall reading an op ed piece in the Bangkok Post, yes back when we read newspapers. It made the same argument. The rich and powerful would rule Amerika anyway, it was all a façade who was president. The year was 2004, Jr Bush vs Kerry. What was so annoying back then and so numbingly obvious. Staring BP journos and all bar stool prophets & prognosticators in the face, Jr Bush is romping in Iraq after WMD. If Al Gore is elected in 2000, (and he might have been BTW), there would have been be no Iraq adven
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