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  1. I heard it happens in US too.. In the Pa sack valley the say. " you can lead an elephant to a snickers bar, but you can't make him eat" ... I have no clue what that means, but they say it. BTW I walk, every morning from 630 to 715. I started this in the US a couple decades back However I do not see her when I am walking. Reread post #8. Sorry my mistake not to spell it out explicitly for our gentle readers. I apologize. Real simple. Given the distance out in the road from the curb she has been walking, and I know very well how much crap is on the curb, she will be hit by a vehicle, sooner rather than later. That is the reason I noticed her in the first place. It was SCARY. Ok
  2. Buddy I did not mention the 15 or more semi episodes, to not bore you. These included but were not limited to, dizziness, hot flashes, numbness of limbs, actually whole sides of your body, indigestion, nausea, basically the run up to tossing your cookies. And of course surge fever; as in your roll up to 102 in 30 minutes. As this has never happened to me like this before in my life. Maybe you experience these as a result of age, not there yet. And the Doctor at BK concurred they were from the vaccine. Case closed. But as you are playing amateur Doctor you might consider these guidelines Common side effects of Imovax Rabies Vaccine include: injection site reactions (pain, swelling, itching, or redness), headache, dizziness, muscle pain, nausea, or stomach pain. Tell your doctor if you have a serious side effect of Imovax Rabies Vaccine including: a fever above 104 degrees, weakness or prickly feeling in your fingers or toes, problems with balance or eye movement, or trouble speaking or swallowing. Remember if you have a fever of 102 – relax, calm done. If you have numbness of left arm, shoulder down your left leg, for hours, relax, it is not in the fingers or toes, so no need to get excited. If you toss your cookies, well, did you stop tossing, ok your fine. Note, these can happen days even a week after inoculations. The real problem, you are STRENOUSLY advised to finish the serious of inoculations once you have started. Once you are in it, no going back.
  3. Count your blessings. Actually the majority of people have no problem, however it is said, a higher per cent than other vaccines, experience side effects. By this it means more than a sore arm and 24 to 48 hour fever. Only then I read some of the warnings they have online about possible reactions ... oops and some people have gotten panicky and thought they are developing Rabies, because of the injections. heh A minor example. on my motorcycle waiting at the Si Yak by airport plaza, when suddenly I have a hot flash, dizzy, cold sweat, and was scared I was going to pass out. I was able to get off the bike roll it to the side of road and sit there for 5 minutes tell I could drive on. That was 5 days after an injection. Just comes on out of the blue. The nurse at Bk did say they had a person who came in because he could not "hold down food" heh, that must have been fun. As I worked OS in my younger days, I have had well over 60 injections, including the previous Rabies series with no problems. Why this one did is a mystery, but it was ugly. FYI - I got the series because a person I know was bitten by a dog and had to have the whole shebang ... that not in Isaan, not in Chiang Mai, but here in the north. I get the idea they might be "under-reporting" cases a bit. Image and all
  4. Portugal, Indonesia both countries to consider. However why not do the soft option. Take your vacation during the hot season. This is like a no brainer. You can go cheap and head to Bali via the Air Asia BKK Denpasar route. No annoying KL stopovers. Indonesia has reverse weather patterns from Thailand, you would be getting in on the end of the rainy season. By moving east in the archipelago you can get less rain if that bothers you. I’m heading to the Aegean mid-April. This year catching more of the hot season than normal but … plan your trip plan your country. Make sure you can pay all bills, then go. Do you need to get rid of a G Friend? Wife? That can be arranged. My G, has an EU passport so I am most definitely looking at and getting information on Portugal and Greece. However likely I will let immigration make those decisions for me. BTW some old CM friends spend a year in Vientiane of all places and now are in Portugal. However, given Brexit, they may lose the right to be there long term. Keep options open. Last thoughts. Years back a TEFL person I know was offered a job in Kunming. He couldn’t take it because of the food. “Oily and rather hard”. I’m not sure what he meant by that. He was a Nigel, but I don’t think his eating habits that finicky.
  5. Vaccines are cheap in Thailand. Well worth it to update any Inoculations/vaccinations here. Although a word of warning, the Rabies Prophylaxis side effects can get very weird. Better double check what they might be and get ready for it. Good Luck.
  6. Is she real tall, thin, dessicated ... uh well you know. And "Pa Dead" road ?? Where is that exactly? I have a candidate that roams Mahidol road from Central airport si yak, heading east back to the river. I have been wondering how long before she gets hit by a car.
  7. Fun little Tale from Nakhon Nowhere. The best western Thai speaker I ever ran into was a German woman who came here in the 1970’s, married a Thai Chinese. Lived up country when there were no expats, only the occasional CUSO and Peace Corps, that for two decades. BTW She speaks German, French, English, passable Dutch and excellent Thai. In fact, I have never met a westerner who speaks better Thai than her although I’m sure somewhere someone does. The upshot of this, she would go to a local market and even though she would pud perfect passa Thai. As often as not the vendor would turn to her daughter who looks Thai and ask her. So the question is do they just not hear, if it comes out of a farangs mouth? This women would say at least half the time, that is indeed the case. So no worries relax, have a beer. That is just the way it’s going to be, might as well get used to it.
  8. Offhand I can't remember; did they nail the horse's head to the Directors door so he would use Johnny Fontane in his next picture? No … So Hollywood had nothing to do with it. You have an extremely overactive yet defective, imagination.
  9. Is that the same father who took his daughter age 13 to an al-Muhajirun (now banned) jihadist march in London. There, he burned flags. When his daughter left for ISIS, he blamed everyone but himself. Great post - I recall reading about the Dad. Fifteen year olds just don't go to Syria and join ISIS without some major support. If the UK accepts her back, they are going to have to monitor her for the rest of her life. The people that helped her into the ISIS, could easily talk this sad case into something else; like a human IED, thats an Improvised explosive device.
  10. The Same reason Australians celebrate Halloween?! ..
  11. It would have been early November 1985, just to be exact . Spent a day going around Bangkok by bus, air and non-air. I was wearing those old John Fowler white cotton T shirts. Damp with sweat it was a magnet, and when I washed it in a sink, the water wasn’t brown or grey, it was black. Just a day spent hard core touristing in Bangkok What you don’t see much now. Traveling by night bus in the dry season. You would look out at the lines of fire snaking up hillsides. They would burn at night. That was a signature image of the dry season in north and northeast Thailand.
  12. You have a point but where do you live? Thailand, Ah well there you go. ... unless on an island, with trade winds then you have an air pollution problem and it can be bad. Who would have thought huh. Bangkok two weeks ago, Pattaya last week. I used to work in Thailand 35 years ago and I reckon it was just as bad or worse back then in upcountry isaan and the north. A lot more burning than today. Funny, no one mentioned it much back then. People are strange like that.
  13. Well that settles it. I need to get out today and pick up a few bottles of good booze, plus rotgut SangSom just in case. Snowstorms could happen this time of year too. Best to be prepared.
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