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  1. Yeah, other than the Democrat party being the party of slavery, Jim Crow, George Wallace, Joe Biden and the KKK, they do a pretty good job of pretending to be for civil rights. Sad that the Democrats got so much more progressive, about slavery, Jim Crow, KKK. That is why the south turned Republican.
  2. Crikey who'd have thought that , rivers rising in the rain .. Hold on there, not so fast. What rain ?! After a good week of rain, and everyone jumping for joy, in late April, up north the rains petered out fast. Three weeks, four weeks, since we have had a serious rains. Blue sky and few clouds with reduced humidity today, looks like the hot season day out there today. Yes some local downpours but ... uh huh. If we do not get serious rain, It will be back to drought before July rolls around.
  3. Oh my, oh no a tabloid news story has got your knickers in a twist. Up in arms about "freedom". and non mask wearing, wow. New York of course dug themselves a hole because they would NOT wear masks, That until the death toll got serious. Funny how people change. BTW my brother was over on the east side of the mountains in our state last weekend. Cleaning the graves of grandparents/relatives. The old original meaning of memorial day before the 'queens of the confederacy' hijacked it, followed by the us military & feds. This town is the focal point for a new breakout in our state. No masks at all. My brother was appalled, 'you hope UV and warm temperature do play a big roll because these numbnuts are setting themselves up for a disaster'. Uh huh. If you want to be bullied walk down a street in that town wearing a mask. Back to trolling, boys.
  4. Unfortunately senility and dementia do often come with age. Allan B. Adage, 'there is no fool like an old fool' Nothing scarier than being old, infirm, bit senile and in Thailand. Talk about being a piece of raw meat in a shark tank.
  5. Sadly: 2018/19 not good because many chinese not come after Phuket boat disaster, and Don Muang video of tourist beat down. 2019/20 - not so good, no, exceptionally bad as Wuhan virus was brought into Thailand by Chinese tourist. causing lockdown, All tourist had to go and no one could come back. A total loss of a tourist season so far. 2020/21 many believe not auspicious for travel as world & chinese economy recovering from worldwide depression caused by wuhan pandemic. Low volume year. Three not good years for Thailand tourism, which decided eggs in the celestial basket is the way to go. Maybe 2021/22 A winner! Long time to wait. Many business's will not make it.
  6. Need to dig deeper. Two vacuum sealed pouches of dried Durian & a tin of mackerel. TAT will give coupons at the airport. Seal The Deal!!
  7. This is all looking at 21/22 tourist season whether they, TAT, want to admit it, or not. China like every other country is hard hit and will be hit economically for a year or more, from the wuhan virus. They may talk like the chinese are going to come flooding back in August. That is not going to happen.
  8. Very little rain for, hm, four weeks now?! It reminds people, of last year. A lot of clouds come over yet it nothing happens. The Ping river is still a stagnant line of ponds. Not looking good.
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