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  1. Not the whole of Asia, just Thailand. I took a trip to Saigon, then Phnom Penh to escape it and they were totally clear. Flying back into Bangkok, it was as if there was a yellow blanket across the country from BKK to CNX. A) Its the hot season for mainland SEA, north of the Thai/Malay/Singapore peninsula. And its February to May, FYI. You caught a lucky break BM2 as I have seen Haze/Smoke in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. You can make the argument it is worse in Thailand, but it's just an argument. BTW you can pull up old photos of the French & US troops in Vietnam wars I and II and during inland dry season operations, yep there is the smoke/smog. Lots of people likely think it is bombing, or burning from war, and in some pictures it is, but in many others, nothing but hot season haze/smoke. No mistaking it. And accounts of both wars mention this weather phenomenon.
  2. As Martha Stewart would say ....... 'This Is A Good Thing'
  3. They successfully ran off both the bar stool bangers and a good section of the euro tourists holiday set. Now they see a problem. But this is no quick fix deal. And as delayed gratification doesn’t work in this country, we have a problem.
  4. I like what you’re doing with the organizational layout of your desk.
  5. Community colleges are usually structured, to get up to the level that is expected in college or uni. Basically junior high level math, for students that either did not have algebra 1&2, failed or or never attended. BTW I know a number of thai students who did a year in Canadian and US high schools and were far ahead of the curve for the average local student. But that only in math and one of the sciences. As they were doing a year overseas you can assume, they were from well off Thai families, went to better schools, had weekend or weeknight tutor classes since they were five years old. Regular Thai schools are tough, no matter if you have a good teacher or two and many do. At 40 or more students to a class, uh ... good luck.
  6. Is it still banned??! Came out right as I was finishing uni, and had the great luck of getting a gig in Bangkok. My Girlfriend of that time DID NOT appreciate it. Heh
  7. I don't know that it's coming. What evidence do you have of this? Joined last Thursday and already in heavy deflection rotation. Call me a dreamer, but I believe you have a great career on ThaiVisa ahead of you.
  8. Get a Thai driver license. They do target farangs on bikes. Just a matter of time before they do the same to vehicle drivers. You know its coming.
  9. EUREKA WORKING TABLE, SIZE 120 CM - WHITE Price / special price 3,390 THB Index living mall sells these, they may have to order. Check out there online e catalogue.I know three people including an artist that use them . Its a German company and the best desk (table) I ever owned or used in Thailand. They have different sizes and colors, but is the stability and usable space. I rented this condo & immediatly ran out to Index mall to see if they still sold them. I value, I highly value, a great working space / desk. Here in CM I picked it up, drove it home. My first one in Nakhon Nowhere was delivered free, they now have a fee if below a certain amount.
  10. That is from a facebook advert I take it CUBE 7 is a club I ran into a bunch of people having a tournament at Pantip plaza back in March ?!! It was during the smoke season and I was only there to pay sinet internet tab ... Might look into them I like chess but uh, mental deterioration, premature senility are likely already here no matter what I want to believe, sad story. Phone pics on my moto WooHoo! that looks like an expatriated farang there.
  11. I have had that and other scams pulled - Just do not take taxis. Serious. I drive cycles or cars, take busses sky trains or rail systems. BUT I will not take a taxi, if at all possible.
  12. But that just means that some areas are busy with Chinese. In that respect it's like Pattaya: drive past the entrance to Walking Street at 11pm and it is heaving with Chinese, Indians, Arabs etc., but elsewhere it is quieter, with only westerners to be seen. FYI; August to first week/mid September is a major vacation time for Chinese For a number of locations in Thailand, this is high season. It's happening right now. It better be heaving down in Pattaya and Hua Hin. Up here lots of tourists with their spinner suitcases in malls, but not phalanxs like years before. And as they are loading up said suitcases with durian chips, tins of tuna, noodles, etc.. I'm thinking they're not staying in 5 star hotels.
  13. This year I do think we are heading for a recession. Western tourist will continue to decrease, as much from being unofficially/officially discouraged as from the strong baht. Going to take some years of work to get that market back. The big if What will the Chinese vacation like in a recession? In a recession I would be surprised if their numbers do not dip. Last year the Chinese just took off in September. With a recession who’s to say what their numbers will be like, certainly not TAT. Does the strong baht factor in any of that??? Maybe less than people yack about.
  14. This week, as markets puckered, and I glanced nervously at my mutual fund, and it did cross my mind. Pattaya -I think it will be across the board and YES. If we head into a recession, add Brexit, add Trump trade sanction earbashing, it will not be good. BTW I plan on traveling a lot this next year.
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