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  1. True Yet in Thailand you can be totally respectful, but if you don't spend enough ... popular cultures says, get them out.
  2. Small package, USPS, mailed April 28 from Steilacoom WA. I received here in Chiang Mai, yesterday May 12. However due to semi lockdown, concierge working half shifts, it could have been in, for as long as 5 days, sitting in her room. Still happy it arrived, customs did not hold and extort. It's all good.
  3. WC Fields used that "quote" in a couple movies. I don't think George was born yet.
  4. Thai administrations revel in being the 'Hub of Confusion' Also known as "gaslighting".
  5. Should the Americans ask Thailand to make sure to give US expats special attention so they can be vaccinated when they get the Moderna and pfizer vaccines? Like the Chinese Ambassador did when he gave a gift of sinovac to the Thais. Is that the way it is done?!
  6. I watch the Thai news most every night, unfortunately. I'm well acquainted with local mayhem. A softie BTW, I never like the vids of vehicles running over bodies, however pixelated. Saying that, if a falang comes along, it gets feature treatment. But don't believe me check it out yourself, just make sure your remote handy, as local news can get loud. Put in some weeks or months. Knock yourself out. Secondly I abide by the theory, todays variant of nasty nationalism was uncapped post 97, and never put back in the bottle. Not popular, but not an uncommon notion. Cheers
  7. Ground floor Central airport, start at TOPS foodstore, walk in middle aisle into the main mall, towards the main escalators - 30 (?) meters on your left. A corner shop. It's been there .. a long time.
  8. I'm sure there are lots of Thais who have done something similar or not telling where they have been when health people want to track potential covid infections yadda yadda yadda. However the media is not going to mention much about that. Any Falangs that screw up will get front page coverage. Sanook lives for this. This is how its has been for two decades. It's just gets more in your face the longer the wuhan pandemic runs. Good reminder, you better have options.
  9. Probably not. However rabies is fatal once symptoms appear, and this is Thailand.
  10. Minister Anutin reported to be laughing his A-- off.
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