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  1. Yes a tax is put on tickets to replace the old airport cash paying departure one.
  2. True,I'm still trying to work out who gets away without paying their medical bills,apart from the two week stayers that have accidents and are taken in unconscious,most I'm sure do pay up. my visits to hospitals,clinics for treatment are always started off with them taking copies of my passport,always been that way,and no doubt my visa,the first time of my many visits for higher cost bills just meant a deposit of approximately fifty percent of the possible costs, the last visit some years ago they nicely asked if I would mind paying all the possibly cost upfront before the small operation,looks like I'm one of those 'At risk' ones,and no way will I pay the insurance costs they want,even if I could find one, looks like it's getting near to suitcase packing time, this has to be a male hating women's logic,
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