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  1. It is not really clear to me. If I live in Thailand long time already and go for retired visa extension, I have to make beside my bank status now also a PCR Test? What happen if it is positive? I have my insurance which cover covid19. I can go and treat my covid in a Thai Hospital and pay for it on my own. Or shall I have to leave the country with active covid and fever? How? To where? In which time? 7 days? When they want to get back the tourist into Thailand? 5 Mill in 2021? 555 My beloved has chronical leukemia and her months
  2. NO, Only Salt Water is an even bad conductor! Normal Water has too less minerals to be a salty water. Never use waterpipe as ground. There is no guarantee. The water from the water plant is delivered through PVC Pipe too and you don't know where the steel have contact to wet soil. Even you don't want the steel starting rusting.
  3. First of all, I hope that all these hobby electrician never installed in that way what is supposed here. You need to know that your earth/ground is build always in the house from the neutral. The main grid from outside have 4 cable. 3 phases with the power and one neutral for all. If the load on all three phases is the same then through the neutral will no current flow. What to do is, you can connect the neutral to another bar in your breaker casing. From here the two lines go separate the ground (green or green/yellow is further your ground in your room) the original
  4. I just sit in Singapore in a quarantine hotel. They offer food 3x a day, but !!! I can order just as normal external Food, Drinks, any just as normal living in the house/apartment. Which tourist want to sit 2 weeks without a beer for dinner and want to eat that overcooked but at the room hand warm rice, veggie and chicken every day? I don't know how more bad the food will be in the Thai hotels? I meanwhile can't see after one week any of the free food and give it mostly complete back. Bought my Bread, egg, marmalade etc for breakfast and have frozen food to heat up in the
  5. From where I have heard this about 4 years too from someone else?
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