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  1. I know most people on this forum don't care about a country like Chile but as a Chilean, this is the first time in my 33 years of life that something like this has happened. It's awful and everyone should take notice. This is a quiet country with stable institutions and a decent quality of life, and yet this happens for a measly 0.042 USD increase in the cost of public metro. To everyone reading this, be careful in how the media will try to spin this. This was a concerted effort by left-leaning parties to destabilize the government. They will try to blame this on income inequality, abuse by the rich, discrimination towards minorities, and all the reasons left-leaning individuals use to justify acts of violence. There is no justification for what's happening in Chile right now. These criminals destroyed years of work and millions of dollars invested in transport infrastructure. This will mostly affect the poor and middle class since they depend on public transportation to reach their jobs.
  2. As a Chilean, I would agree to some extent. Having said that I think the reason most foreigners with little education would prefer Thailand is because It's a country that's made for tourism(Hot weather all year round, beautiful beaches, kinda cheap housing/food as you said, "special" nightlife, etc.). Most countries in South America are not catered towards western expats or tourists as much as Thailand, so in the long term, it would be harder for them to adapt if they don't speak Spanish. Latin America, in general, is also not nearly as cheap as Thailand(I've been to Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Uruguay). I can't talk about Colombia or Ecuador but I would guess that they shouldn't be much cheaper than the countries I mentioned. One of the reasons I travel so much is because it's cheaper for me to travel outside of my country than to vacation in it(even going to Europe or the US can be cheaper than visiting San Pedro de Atacama if you want any decent accommodations these days). To anyone thinking about moving to Latin America, I would recommend to make some deep research on the real cost of living here(if you want any kind of decent life). Learning Spanish would also help as most people won't speak English outside of Hotels or tourist areas, and they are not expected to do so either.
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