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  1. Their websites says 24/7. I'm trying the listed overseas # 66026455555. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  2. Yes, I've been trying to call Bangkok Bank from Vietnam but can't get through. I get a message in Thai, then it hangs up. Maybe they are closed right now, do not have 24 hour service?
  3. I'm the guy who just posted about my US passport getting stolen in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Well, it gets worse. My Bank of Bangkok passbooks were also stolen in the same theft. Like an idiot I had brought them with me. The first was a blue book that showed the original FTT transfer, the second an orange book after I had transferred the 800k baht into a fixed deposit account. Now, I think I should wait till I get back to Pattaya to report these books "lost" (in Pattaya) for the requisite police report. Fortunately I know where my originating bank is and can get to it easy. But my understanding is that Bank of Bangkok will close the original accounts before issuing new bankbooks. If they issue new books will they show the original FTT transfer of the 800k (which I understand I need when time comes for me to apply for a tourist stamp conversion to non-o based on retirement)? Basically, if they issue new books will this somehow mess me up when I apply for the non-o? I understand the non-o conversion requires no seasoning of the 800k, correct? So that shouldn't be an issue. What a mess.
  4. You don't imagine Embassy will make a bigger effort to expedite if reported stolen than lost? Probably not. I think I'll take your advice. Even worse in Thailand. You're liable to get charged with filing a false police report if you report stolen income or property. Risky. The backpackers committing insurance fraud to finance their holidays has led to this.
  5. Just for future reference to anyone who loses a passport in Nha Trang (and perhaps most of Vietnam in general). 1. Bring a translator! The officer insisted on my having a translator. My sweet mama-san hotel manager and husband met me at police station. God bless them. 2. If money was also stolen, do not report this. Just take it for a loss. They are extremely reluctant to file police reports over stolen income and may outright refuse to create a report at all. 3. Report passport as "lost" to police even if stolen. It amounts to the same thing anyway, and in my case they made me fill out a second police report stating that it was lost, end of story. If US passport, and I imagine other countries, you MUST get a local police report even for lost passports in order to obtain an emergency passport. This has to do with the now nonexistent entry stamp, I believe.
  6. On their website JetStar says for domestic travel a passport is "usually" not required, just photo id, so I will probably go that way, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Yes, my plan was to get the emergency passport in Saigon and then apply in person for permanent passport at US Embassy in Bangkok the day after I get there.
  8. I thought that was only the case with the so-called emergency travel document, not emergency passport. Will call US Embassy tomorrow and see if they know for sure.
  9. It seems Vietjet does allow a local police report in place of lost passport. I can't tell though if the police report is in addition to 'diplomatic document' or is an alternative. From their website a. Foreign passport or laissez-passer, separate visa, permanent residence card or temporary residence card issued by Vietnam (these document must have Vietnamese exit and entry stamp as prescribed). b. In case of losing passport, passenger must present diplomatic document from his/ her country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulates or official letter of Department of Foreign Affairs, local police where the passenger lost the passport to confirm personal record or inform the case. Document must have passenger’s ID image and overlapping stamp. These documents will be valid within 30 days from the issued date;
  10. Suffice it say that my US passport was stolen (along with my 10k baht for tourist stamp income purposes) in Vietnam the other day. Plan on getting an Emergency Visa at US Embassy in HCMC. I believe this is a full passport as opposed to an emergency departure doc. Are emergency passports valid/okay at Bangkok BKK? I emailed Thai Consulate in HCMC but so far no word. I am currently in Nha Trang. Is it possible to get on a plane with Vietjet with no passport? I have a police report from Nha Trang police stating that it was "lost." Police would not give report if I stated it was stolen. I tried calling Vietjet many times and I always get disconnected immediately. Otherwise should I take the train to Saigon? Bus? No passport needed then, only passport number? Thanks,
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