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  1. At last . The penny has dropped . and you are now . agreeing that present Retirement Extensions are acceptable without Medical Insurances etc etc until a Immgr Police Dept order is given to the contrary
  2. No denial . just commonsense .due to One thread on this topic (reports)was correctly closed .due to mis information provided from the Opening Poster
  3. At this moment of time. It is purely speculation that Retirement Extensions will be subjected to any compulsory Health Insurance. That is what i.am talking about Get It ????
  4. All hot and gas May i ask for Immgr Dept Police orders to supoort your above post or views
  5. All hot and gas May i ask for Immgr Dept Police orders particular Cmai to support your above post or views
  6. And those reports are very misleading. to say the least No official Immgr Police order so far Status Quao remains
  7. Now a Cmai Visa Agent LOL Who.s Next Btw i was at Cmai Imm gr Dept today between 1.15 pm to 1.45 pm Whilst. my Land Lady was updating my TM 30. Saw no notices of any description relating to the Bunkum being served up on this Topic/ Thread Relax members and visitors until its a official Immgr Dept order. in Black and White ( writing so to speak) /
  8. Same Let.s see it in Writing Officially instead of wildly firing shots at No Target
  9. In Official Immgr Dept writing . u are with respect stirring the pot Thank u
  10. Hell my life. is caving in. before comitting sucide LOL please some one. get it from the The Immgration Dept in Writing
  11. Has April Fool.s Day come early. Let.s see it in Official Writing To my knowledge. all reports since the Official announcement are Bunkum
  12. Let.s omit Supply and Demand out of our discussion . As our views are totally different. My initial post . was merely a heads up for the O/P Topic. that Housing Propertys in good livable conditions. are available on the rental market in Cmai at 5000.Baht per month . 1 yr contract. and confirmed on this thread Largely due to the Land Lord.s reading the present rental market correctly. And are prepared to lower their monthly rental fee accordingly. to a Win. Win sitiuation As for your rental property.s etc etc the very best of luck to you. Sincerely wish it continue.s
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