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  1. IMO ,Roman,s main expectation this season will be. To close that massive gap (points table 19/20 season) between us Lpool and Mcity. As only 6 match,s have been played. How ( apart from yourself) can forecast a C/L place this season, is beyond me. In addition to this point ,there have a number of surprising results and scores so far. As for my review of Lamp,s tenure at Csea so far, i would certainly give him a pass,in saying that,further sterner tests lay ahead of him. See how he progresses til the start of 2021,sure that Roman will keep his gun, in his holster til then
  2. Best for you , Is to Wind up your Window ,as your trolling breath is rather smelly. FWIW, a point away, is my only call
  3. For sure, the Eagle will sh#t this Monday for you. In addition , closing in 2 decades of receiving it, only when a public holday falls on that particular Monday( either country) it comes in a day late apart from pre xmas payment which comes a few days earlier
  4. FWIW Went to Mae Taeng DLT to morning for 5 yr renewal of my drivers licience. And was told NO CAN DO for Falang due to no video room being availabe for Falang Was told must go to Handong DLT for renewal as they have a Falang video room and watch a 1 hour video before given a new 5 yr licience All new news to me
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