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  1. And clearly posts such as yours are sadly bringing Cmai TV forum to its k.nee.s
  2. A few yrs back my step daughter attended Wachirawit School where she received a scholarship and proceeded to the King.s Uni Chiang Rai where she graduated with First Class Honours With respect from your posts .my view is . that . you are too picky . But wish your daughter the very best of luck
  3. Yes agree 100%. But Loser Levy C/man of Totts F.C would have a different view . Loser Levy was preparing a furlough application to pay his staff whilst earning 6 mil a yr plus himself !!! It has been widely speculated that Totts FC are on the brink of liquidation Etc Etc and Loser Levey is cowering like a sewer rat
  4. Absoulately rivetting information to help the O/P
  5. Find your remarks of calling members igorant rather amusing from your posts to the O/P request Perhaps You say it best when u say nothing at all
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