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  1. So far ,this Visa yr .my extension retirement and two 90 day reports drive through at the Cmai Immgr Dept have taken approx 4 hrs in total as a DIY BTW all the above 3 ,have been posted here as for your sarcastic remark of not having money i cuddle my money and spend wisely, With the Zoo day,s presently over and Cmai Immgr dept being very quite in numbers ,for any visa the Visa Agents are a busted flush as DIY IS presently a easy task. Summing up, over the last 6 months my previous Visa Agents who i have engaged during the Zoo Days have pleasantly canvassed for my Visa bus
  2. FWIW Went to Mae Taeng DLT to morning for 5 yr renewal of my drivers licience. And was told NO CAN DO for Falang due to no video room being availabe for Falang Was told must go to Handong DLT for renewal as they have a Falang video room and watch a 1 hour video before given a new 5 yr licience All new news to me
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