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  1. Absoulately vital away win ,at the crumbling fortress Ainfeild. As K.S . correctly posted,perhaps T and T for M O M due to his astute tinkering and subbing with his strong squad at his disposal,but lo and behold a Csea poster on this thread very recently tore strips off him for his handling of the massive job that he inherited from Lamp,s tenure, etc etc So far, so good,for TandT but Eton is next ,always a tough nut to crack for The Blue,s
  2. ^^^^^^ Better then last Nil Nil ,against MU, but like to see us,score more then one goal,only even once in awhile TandT has certainly improved us ,particular defence ,slowsince taking over from Lamps,but we are crying out for some goals
  3. That was like a Dead Rubber,match, Fullstop.
  4. FWIW Went to Mae Taeng DLT to morning for 5 yr renewal of my drivers licience. And was told NO CAN DO for Falang due to no video room being availabe for Falang Was told must go to Handong DLT for renewal as they have a Falang video room and watch a 1 hour video before given a new 5 yr licience All new news to me
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