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  1. The truth is you cannot rely on Thai information even if it is a deadline. It is changing on hourly basis. That s why many people have waited instead of acting...
  2. The money will come from China and they will pocket the revenue too. They will expand their influence just like in Africa.
  3. They provide cheap. And also, hard labour was not invented for Thais. They prefer to let Cambodians and Burmese work while they, as a superior human race by nature, monitor them. Go to any construction side, a condominium project in Pattaya, Cambodian non-skilled workers are (were doing before corona) doing everything included electrical wiring. I was horrified to see how bad and unsafe the electrical wirings were in my "high price 5 star luxury" condominium, made by Cambodians earning 100-120 THB per day and superwised by a lazy Thai motherf* who pockets the rest of their salaries...
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