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  1. Strange. He hacked his friend to pieces. Then he we went to the neighbour to call help for what? To save his life when already hacked to pieces?
  2. I totally agree. I used to love China. I used to live in China for a few years. China is still one of my favourite places but Chinese people with their predatory behaviours? Only within Chinese borders please! Now they are taking over every nice spot on the planet. No respect for other people no respect for nature and totally selfish in everything they ever do. Grab and carry away or totally using up every thing what they can get for free as if there is nobody else on the planet. Pollute and ruin all what they like, because they only come one time and not caring what actually happens after the moved away. The great one child policy of their government has created selfish monsters who only care about themselves and dont know how to share. Dear tourist, welcome to Chinese Thailand!
  3. I think Thai drivers need no driving schools. All they need to drive safe are GPS trackers. No wonder Thai driver licenses are only good in Thai country but do not get permanently recpgnized in any civilized country.
  4. 40/400 is by far not enough and the costs are way too high. Here again, governmental incompetence shows its ugly face. Targeted are foreigners on long stay visas, those who retire in Thailand. Means, older people with higher probability to need medical care. Not required are all other visitors. So they just force all high risk customers to take out the insurance while no low risk customers are required to do so. How on earth should that work? The idea of an insurance still is to distribute costs to the whole group of insured members. It only can work if there are bad and good risks. Reportedly there are 80 000 retirement visa appliactions per year. They all are above 50 years old ! And how about those who already have international insurance coverage with far higher standards? Or those who are already insured in their home countries and keep travelling between home country and Thailand? Do they still have to buy a useless rubbish plan for big money in addition to their own plans? I don't want to have to buy an insurance just to fulfill requirements while still need a good insurance when travelling abroad. What a nonsense
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