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  1. So true ,most of the problems here is because they not have a police force
  2. Why is the road tax lower on an older vehicle than a new ,surely a newer vehicle is cleaner ,mine goes down every year ,it should go up
  3. Absolutely disgusting behavior by the immigration officers ,I wish you luck ,I’m sorry I have no advice for you and your wife
  4. But the real problem in this country is that they can’t teach Thais the rules so each immigration thinks it’s like this or this or this . Same with every government office or schools or anything most Thais can’t learn
  5. Stay indoors because everyone has air purifiers in thailand ,except when go out to lite fires morning and evening. Well done thailand always got an answer
  6. I would extend on basis of supporting Thai child , have to take child with you ,don’t tell them you are married again , don’t take this the wrong way but your child will always be your child and your wife can’t use visa against you
  7. My neighbors on each side NSEW lite fires everyday ,amphora and tessaban say can’t do nothing also each has a least 3 dogs each , I am leaving soon ,good job I rented here ,learnt my lesson on buying in thailand moving house ,not country
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