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  1. You all look at the negatives, think of the positive thailand to be Olympic champion swimmers
  2. I was waiting on a package that was sent ems after a week we went to the local postman’s house , he had my package but thought it wasn’t important so not delivered it yet . Amazing thailand
  3. Look at how Thais treat dogs ,let them fend for themselves but give a little waste food . Don’t see any Thais take dogs to the vets , most have fleas and other diseases but pretend they are caring . I think the monkeys picking fruit isn’t a problem
  4. If Symond cared about animals , get Boris to stop halal slaughter, the most horrific way to kill an animal
  5. If want animal rights start with halal slaughter ,the most barbaric way to kill an animal ,,oops can’t do that ,can’t offend the muslums even though they want kill us
  6. I had a motorbike run into me that was going the wrong way ,slight damage to my vehicle but the kid and woman on the back hurt ,the rider at least a broken wrist ,the police made him give me 5000 baht for damage but I gave it the woman for to hopefully get her and kid looked after , the police were very professional and knew what had happened. They are not all useless and one sided
  7. If they want to stop cruelty start with halal food first ,this is the most cruel way of slaughter
  8. I had a woman screaming at me when I was shooting one day in the Uk , saying how cruel I was , stupid bitch , I was clay pigeon shooting ,she thought they were birds and she not have problem trespassing on my property
  9. I totally agree that it should be stopped but give them somewhere to race and play . This country has nothing for youngsters to do ,nothing for kids either. where I live they took all the swings and slides away 2 years ago , before they had some with concrete floor but for the old they had Exercise equipment with rubber floors , perhaps it’s because kids and youths can’t vote or sell their vote
  10. I rented a house and my son closed the gate before closing the small one it fell over ,I could not lift the gate alone ,luckily it fell the other way or he would of been hurt , to fix the problem I put a screw in the runner so it couldn’t come out . The landlord said it happened to him a few time before . This country is full of %-#£
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