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  1. MY take on this story. An io gave you a legitimate sounding test. You basically failed having been at it for 7 months. You then got lucky to be let in. Hopefully the io lit a fire under your ass, and if he did he did you a favor in my opinion. Good for him for doing his job. Everyone around these parts needs to get better about reading between the lines a little. It is VERY obvious they are cracking down, specifically on visas like ED, BECAUSE people are abusing them!! Read that again, because it means you abuse the system and get an ed visa that is not genuinely for ed, you are in jeopardy, and you put others in jeopardy. Again, too many people abusing the system so they are cracking down. It would be like you complaining about increased security at your bank after you have tried to rob it a few times.
  2. Tax dollars are being saved and fewer Americans are dying and/or in danger. What exactly is not to like here?... oh, that's right. The establishment dems have to back the war profiteering companies like Halliburton's positions. US voters NEED to ONLY consider candidates who do not accept PAC money. There are plenty of them to choose from! That is the first step in revolutionizing American politics.
  3. SHe has probably put in about 160k baht over the years. In the least bad way i can put it, Thais somehow seem to forget the initial investments when it comes to these lottery "winnings".
  4. Finally, a positive news story for land of smiles.
  5. Ok, I think so now that you mention it. Thanks!
  6. I had a Thai speaker say "doo kaao" to me, for something like watch tv, or turn on tv? Any explanation on this usage, I could not find anything on it in my reference. Is kaao a common tv reference or...?
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