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  1. Hi again. Now I have tried to follow suggestions here, - it didn't work! Went to Ampur and they said "no, we cant do that unless you first go and get this document translated". I tried to explain that what it was about, and asked the lady if she could read english, and she said yes I can, I have dune this before, but only if you translate the document, so extremely stupid. I also went to immigration, sense its next door to Ampur, but they said "Ohhh no, only the embassy in BKK can do that" I will go to CM this time, and next year I will try again at Ampur. Again, thanks for all help.
  2. Hi Im a Swedish citizen, and I moved to Chiang Rai a few months ago, and I wonder if someone on this forum maybe can help me with a question. As retired, I have to provide Sweden with a document that declare that Im still alive, every year, and I don't know where to torn to have this dune, here in CR? I called the consulate in CM and they only answered me, "you have to drive here"! Sounds kind of stupid to drive 400 km for a sign and a stamp, so I wonder if there is anyone else on this forum that know how to solve this problem here in CR?
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