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  1. Of course they should. And there should also be a way for those with families here to obtain the citizenship without the need of being enslaved by a local company or start a business.
  2. Yeah you are totally right, my dream would be to obtain the Thai citizenship and that's why I want to have a work permit and pay taxes here. I satisfy all the social and cultural requirements (family and language) but without 3 years of working here on a minimum salary of 40k they don't even want to consider my application. I don't want to work for somebody else because it would be wasted time and money ( I make 120k a month and nobody can offer me here a job for that amount of money) and I don't even want to go through a very hard process of setting up a company in my name and hiring multiple people doing accounting and pay taxes. I thought there might be a simple way to create a small family business but yeah, they love to make things hard here and being unreasonable.
  3. Please take it with a grain of salt but it seems that if the wife is the sole proprietor of the business and the business makes less than 1.2 million of baht it might be possible to issue a work permit for the husband without the need of additional Thai employees. I will need to speak with the labor office.
  4. Thank you for your kind answer. A thai official told me, though, that the Thai employees requirement is forfeited if you work with your wife meaning it is a 'family business'. Was he wrong?
  5. Dear forum community, I'm an European citizen married to a Thai national and I work as international consultant travelling a lot from country to country. Right now I have a contract with a European based company and pay taxes there but being based in Thailand a few months every year I was wondering if there was a way to have a work permit here even if that means paying taxes. Thank you
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