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  1. not really, we put customers first, yeah I know, unbelievable
  2. hence the counter-parity risk I was referring before in this thread
  3. that must have been painful to read the whole thing the front page alone should tell you it's a scam
  4. Came across this by chance, and I love following and investigating fraudsters and scams, part of my job I guess
  5. and more good news https://cryptonews.com/exclusives/imagine-regulators-shutting-tether-down-what-happens-to-bitc-8025.htm
  6. https://cryptonews.com/news/tether-reveals-its-reserves-breakdown-for-the-first-time-10296.htm As reported in April, per an independent accountant, Moore Cayman, Tether’s consolidated total assets “amounted to at least USD 41,017,565,708” on March 31, while its liabilities were lower, of which “USD 40,855,204,950 relates to digital tokens issued.” The market capitalization of USDT reached almost USD 58.5bn today. Tether was obliged by the New York Attorney General’s Office (AOG) to disclose how tethers are backed in more detail. Per the office, Tether must of
  7. so much for smart contracts and stablecoins, more bad news https://twitter.com/CryptoWhale/status/1392871749591748612 Tether confirmed today what we’ve been saying for years. That they aren’t backed by the U.S dollar. They admitted they are only backed by 3.87% cash, and 96.13% cryptos. In other words, Tether is backed by Bitcoin, which is backed by Tether, which is backed by Bitcoin…
  8. gambling is taking a lot of risk for small returns investing is taking a small risk for better returns,
  9. link? that's good news, because when you see all those loons on TikTok with huge warehouses full of mining rigs with high end GPUs, it gets quite scary how far people will go for cryptos
  10. yep, definitely the signature of scams the FOMO is definitely the big frigging red flag, but hey, when you are in a cult, red flags don't matter
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