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  1. With 70 million people Thailand could have a strong internal domestic market if it wasn't for the fact that many or even most citizens live from hand to mouth and the elite is happy for the status quo to remain in place. Add that to a potentially strong agricultural sector exporting food the economy could be much more robust because after all everyone needs to eat. Instead Thailand relies heavily on direct money flowing into the country in the form of international tourism which is a very vulnerable business and also requires heavy infrastructure with hotels, airports, planes, restaurants etc. that have regular expenses and need maintenance at all times, even when the money is not flowing in.
  2. Thailand does not belong to any free travel bubbles, it isn't even bubbling under when you look at how their authorities are reacting to minor changes from lockdown, especially if they are not reciprocal with their actions and won't let foreigners in. On the other hand there are no 'homegrown' cases officially but they are reluctant to let go of limitations. Only a total fool would believe the Thai government.
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