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  1. i heard some companies only pay 50% for whatever reason. Imagine if you have a bad connection, maybe fired. If one kid complains, maybe it's over. sounds like fun. and with covid, many families have less money and tons of farangs are probably "teaching" online and spending most of their time trying to hire farangs because it's a pyramid scheme. website: $10. hosting: $10. English fluency: free. now go get it you nomads....
  2. Clearly, racism has been a problem in America forever. BUT it's no where near the MOST racist country in the world. Hundreds of millions of immigrants go to America for a reason; however, racism against blacks is pretty bad (probably top 15 in the world). Had someone from S. Africa say America is the most racist because America is on the news. ??????????????????? People also forget the MILLIONS murdered because they weren't Catholic. i remember the American riots in 1992. in 1992, everyone said, "never again." ok
  3. NOT every kid has a 100% working immune system, right? They have all been tested and can I see the results???? parents worry about their kids, of course. over 500,000 people have died, likely many more, AND AND AND::::: The kids can be carriers and then their PARENTS die... 80%ish don't show symptoms. It's 100% understandable to be worried. The question will be, "How dramatic are the measures to protect lives?" If one mask is lowered, will the entire school go on lock down. one cough, lock down the city? never leave your desk. don't touch anything. no phones, except to take pictures of farang teachers not wearing mask while eating and if farangs look tired quarantine... That's the question....
  4. Will buses be running in June? I mean buses that go across the country and do not originate in BKK or CM? I hear "sex massage" shops are not open, but I see nothing on buses. lol.
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