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  1. or is exploiting women who is forced into prostitution worse? I've seen this every day, yet people get more mad over this. both are horrible, but just think next time you "pick" some woman. you might be destroying her life......
  2. 50% is the laziest guess ever. the idiot that said that did zero research, and i'm sure doesn't factor in more short-term travelers from China or even Thais who are wealthier than before. i'm an idiot for posting on this idiot stuff. One YT Blogger said in 2000 that the baht would go to zero against all currencies and housing prices in CM would fall 90%.
  3. i'm reading this on walking street in Pattaya while watching some VIP dancers.....yes, that ad is sexist!!! i'm very offended. and, yes, only an idiot would do such a lonely thing. you need interaction with real people in front of you!!!!!!!
  4. never seen anything so crazy. this was no misunderstanding. for sure over money. bill was probably like 7000 baht and he said he will pay 300. only money makes you this crazy.
  5. I am pretty sure 90% of school prefer America over any other foreign country. Their kids like American music, movies, etc....... but there are a lot of Americans who come to Thailand and don't represent America very well. I spent enough time in America to know the smart teachers are not here, and maybe a lot of losers instead. I always wonder who spellchecks the signs all over the place, most of them are really terrible. I do wonder if Thais will be forced to learn more Chinese in the next 50-years, and that will mean less English.
  6. Speaking English correctly or incorrectly is another matter, but I'm sure she knows a few words. OK, tell her friends, "She speak English good when deliver my water," and her friend will say, "OK, goodbye, deliver water to he speak good bye bye." well, these are English words.
  7. wow, great for your life!!!!!! if you are not in prison, you can save yourself. or only complain. your life is your life, make the right decision. cough cough, die
  8. got a friend who works in a school in a big city. i asked him to tell me about it... 1. Everyone at school will ask you for money, almost every day. 2. Kids will get loud and if you have an assistant, well, usually the noise stays loud 3. after months and months, you are really only teaching each class a few hours. only the motivated kids learn a little bit. 4. people get mad if you are late, dress bad, act bad, and all of this is way more important than how to teach 5. he said some people get gate duty, i guess meet kids or parents or something early in the morning 6. Filipinos range greatly from horrible to OK, but they all make basic mistakes every few minutes. not like a farang at all. remember, the best filipino has worse english than the worst native speaker. maybe some exceptions. yea, maybe a better teacher but shouldn't be teaching english. 7. 30,000 to 40,000. ok, work a year and you get a few months off before all your money is gone. I've spent at least a few hours at an ex-gf's school and she said many teachers quit and the stress is very bad. everyone is tired. but we don't talk anymore. i think she's in columbia or somewhere. my opinion is that if their parents don't care about English, they won't until maybe college when they really understand English and money. Plus, I don't think the best farangs are teachers. most seem a little shady. I don't have a passport from a native country, which is good because I see how it makes people go a little mad trying different ways that show no fruit. forget the saying. maybe bear no fruit.
  9. Saturday night I thought a house was going to play super loud music all night because of the VIP buses the night before, but they got quiet at 11 p.m. for good. The owner of the hotel saw me a few times this weekend and I think was afraid that I would say something. Maybe a few years ago I might, but I've learned that never helps. Mai bpen rai with a smile, as i know i'll be gone in a few weeks. someone just create some sort of noise-cancelling system to put in one room. billionaire, easy.
  10. a friend recommended this place since it's definitely the "best" in town, and I'm leaving soon. It's one of those places where it can be quiet and crazy loud, but not enough of either to make it good or bad. yea, i should have used some common sense but was lazy and let my friend pick a place for me. yea, i learned.
  11. you can. get ranked in the world. i would like to play against Messi, but ..... so, start playing competitively!!!!
  12. completely only your opinion. i would say most totally disagree with you, and hopefully you can work through your hatred and bitterness and anger in LOS.
  13. these idiots post pictures for their many fake friends online, so that's the real experience. it's sharing with others. we mock them for being on their phone, but if no phone and they just look around....well, it's just a different experience, not a better one for all. i think it's stupid, but i get it. signs mean nothing if they know they won't be enforced.
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