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  1. and i remember long wars with English and Germany invading...lots of bad stuff happened over the "hundred years" and WW1 and 2. but i'm a vampire and i'm pretty old.
  2. this is "civilization." Tell me time in our history where there wasn't a place where people were brutally murdered. for all we know, N. Korea, Africa, China, Siberia, etc......has much worse stuff going on this very second. OK, you can include America, Mexico, S. America, Central America, etc.....where is it really safe? with 8 billion people or whatever and increasing, this stuff isn't going away anytime soon. it's crazy, that's for sure, but relatively it might not be. but it might start to get much crazier.....
  3. all trees will be cut down. only rubber trees planted and the ecosystem will be ruined for all of eternity.....or like a few centuries which is the same to us global warming will take the Earth to 98798078997 C luckily if over 50 it's probably not your problem. cut down the trees, make money from the rubber, then retire in another country. this is capitalism...
  4. Must be near Christmas, because this is one big snowflake. cultural racism and hatred..........yea, I think a blizzard is coming let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
  5. one foreigner found positive in quarantine omg, omg, omg.....omg, omg, omg, omg......i knew it!!!!!!! bad foreigner, bad
  6. first you use your power to buy property, bank accounts around the world, and get about 100000 billion baht safe. then you sit down and make everyone happy ... enemies are bad. then say it's all to help the country then you retire on a zillion baht. reading about american CEO's giving themselves millions and then going bankrupt. money..... money..... money. follow it
  7. I've worked at four schools with probably hundreds of teachers. Maybe I've worked with about 30 farang teachers. let me give you an example. you wake up at 6, tired. put on the right color, ok. go to school, fingerprint, wai everyone. go sit in your room. you then finally wake up around 8, see some good kids (99.99% of the kids are great) who make you smile, and you walk to go "teach". you are walking with another teacher. you see some lady with a ruler cracking some kid in his (usually a boy) back, hand, wherever, and the kid starts crying...
  8. I vote HOME. That's Canada. It's a good feeling to be back on HOME soil. Thailand will never be your home, and your wife deserves to experience Canada. Set her up there. If you can 90% run out of cash in a few months here....it will happen again. It's easier to make a support group in your home country. WORST case.....go there and then come back. but you must go. Edit: OK< naturalized citizen. well, figure out where your home is and make sure you get all the wills and paperwork ready in Canada to take care of her. it
  9. First, I'll be the first to admit I was a coward. I saw kids get hit HARD, smacked, slapped, ears pulled, head hit, you name it..... But I woke up and reported them to the police. I've done this twice ......... yes, I waited until after I got paid, had a work permit, and nothing happened because it wasn't recorded. I was a coward for not quitting IMMEDIATELY......we know how bad it is for these kids. But I really believe I have done way more than most. I quit a job after I saw a farang teacher break Thai laws in the classroom (no camera) and the school's response
  10. There is a 0% chance they will be pessimistic, so I'm not surprised. I expect GREAT things this high season, lots of spending, happy tourists, Thais traveling, dogs barking, and everyone super super super super super super happy. OK, that said nothing.
  11. YES!!! You are a doormat. This will never be your country, and anyone can record you and destroy all good deeds you have ever done!!! You will be the worst farang ever, and you will be soo bitter about a country that really hates you!!! What a way to live. get married, buy a house, and you can be kicked out immediately and lose it all. and nobody will care, except you. oh, it can happen...and these people never post on TV...they are back home broke and mad how to avoid this????? do what i do.... bring only 10 million to LOS, keep another
  12. BAD air quality will deter NOBODY!!!! 98237423 billion people visit these polluted cities. the reason? pollution generally won't kill you soon.....so people don't think too much about it. if soooo many people go there, it must not be that bad, right? all these people aren't forced there, and it's not a prison.. it's the same with all DUMB behavior ... no condoms, drinking too much, smoking, bike without a helmet, etc....... 99% of humans can't think beyond what a soi dog would do ok, it's March....i'm off to Chiang Mai!!!!! look at
  13. I'm calling China right now...."Hey guys, can you pay 100000000 trillion dollars?" OK, great, I'll the guys on TV!!!" Yea, they said no problem....the check's in the mail. wow, who knew we could solve the world's problems on TV
  14. something about this story doesn't make sense. 21....BUT started as a teacher at in International school at 19??? almost impossible two years ago, since no degree (probably). has a business at 21 in koh samui.......yea, not sure about that. i'll google it. OK, it says it does AMERICAN breakfast but she's from South Africa. 21-year olds generally don't do things like this. cocaine. that is a mess i'll wait for more details
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