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  1. doesn't matter what she was doing and where. It's HIS responsibly to be driving at a REASONABLE speed for conditions......clearly reckless manslaughter. it's her country. she has friends, family, and dogs that will miss her. if you know it's IMPOSSIBLE to drive at a safe speed, then you are guilty for driving at all. it's 100 percent his fault. 100 percent. with that, and she's dead, there's life-changing consequences. his problem.
  2. good for the goose gander stuff.... let me check their TVF messages about others.... "deport, ban, fine, jail, kick out" lol. i would not be surprised if before the party they had posted messages on TVF.... "law breakers, respect, ban, kick out, disgrace....." this looks 100x WORSE than a full moon party!!!!! hahahahhahahaa. I need hourly updates on these law breakers!!!! hahahahhaha
  3. It DEPENDS on which way the thumb is pointed, as well as where the thumb is located. if west, thumb outside: TVF rocks!!! if east, thumb inside: Bro, i'm buying the beers!! if north, thumb inside: wife, i'll be OK, i love everyone!!! if south, thumb outside: to my fellow falangs........ (bad words) all the other possibilities require a subscription package.... i didn't start with how his palm is facing.... .OMG
  4. The freedom fingers!!!! Great!!!! He's showing the falangs he's not a sheep, and can make demands anywhere in the world. he needs a statue in his honor. name a street after him. donate a hospital in his name. family first!!! and no tattoos..... he's a true hero. as he was walking away, he was quoting Gen. George Washington on how the Brits were easily crushed!!! lol
  5. If I say I spend a lot, people might find me interesting. and maybe jealous. and maybe powerful. if i say i don't spend a lot, maybe i'll say i have 100 million back home. if i say i'm poor, then i will be ridiculed and maybe lose likes from these very important online falangs. What if i say nothing? Would I then, once again, be smarter than the sheep that proudly pound their chests while slobbering over uncooked chicken and warm beer? or i could say stuff like, 'i am extremely wealthy but it is soo dumb to talk about being wealthy. maybe t
  6. This dude should get the same treatment as peter, paul or harry.....oh i don't know there names. was it harry that went to America?? who paid for that trip and his million dollar house? taxpayers. harry has or had like 10 bodyguads at millions per year.......taxpayers and everyone one else.....you think they eat McD's all day???? cavier for the dogs, probably. taxpayers. so give this guy a break....no pun.
  7. experience. labor office. report. calls school. meeting. labor people NOT active in the meeting. they sit there and see if you come to an agreement. you agree on something, or you don't. if not, you have to sue them in BKK...which you won't do, so you agree on something pretty bad. this was over 5-years ago.......decided it's a pretty worthless route.
  8. This is why it's AMAZING to me when clowns quote actual numbers, as if they are written in stone. Everyone could say this exact same thing about the 10:1 quote and still only quote the numbers reported. this is why it's so hard to talk to people. and then, years later when much higher numbers come out.....those same clowns just act like they never said anything.
  9. How can we choose to believe some things on the internet and then not believe other things. we see bad falang.......we say guilty, gulag we see good news.......we say fake news but bad falang cannot be fake news? why can good news not be good news? this internet stuff is too funny...........makes us feel like experts, but, in fact, we are even BIGGER sheep than before man invented fire...... God told me, "lottery is 787397" so I played "666666" it was 787397.
  10. I this this is what they want you to believe. If a falang gets covid, they will think the falang has done everything wrong. broke the rules, disobeyed the law, acted recklessly, and then everyone can easily find their scapegoat. I will, on the other hand, give them the benefit of the doubt...which they most certainly deserve. If someone has hard facts, please show them here. This witch hunt continues.......and the falang will certainly help with torch in hand!!! What if if was YOU......would you want us to speculate??? LOL> Of course
  11. Does the law say EXACTLY how the mask should be worn, and where?????? I'll just put it on my.............................................................................. lol
  12. Today I helped 1000 ants cross the road, saved 11 chickens, fed 238 soi dogs, and taught 10,000 students how to rock climb. I would never wish to kill another human, as this will destroy my karma and send me into the bottomless pit known as soi cowboy. people taken off death row have gone on to be doctors, saved millions with breakthroughs, and inspired many. i have just talked to Him, and He said all negative thoughts take away from doing good. the keyboard warrior wishes for Earth to be destroyed 10 million times a day.
  13. I saw a falang sit down a few hours ago. NOT on a chair!!! I almost called the police, as the Thais must know these falangs are like loose wild animals!!! to the zoo!!!!! This guy should be deported, fined, jailed, gulag..........gives us all a bad name!!! Let me get to my point........This is news and paints the falangs in a BAD way for a reason. PATTERN. Red flag. Seeding the minds. Creating a story. If you are reading this and not in prison, I suggest checking plane fights. you have been warned. If you walk slow, you might be ne
  14. Yet is did occur in this instance now didn't it. Rare, says who????? I say it's NOT rare. Where are these studies? What are the odds? I say 18.243243432 percent. I also say we have no idea about any of this. It did occur? maybe, maybe NOT. maybe they weren't vaccinated, so then it didn't occur. or not properly. or not enough jabs. I say i'm an online doctor and detective and I know 100% of the news. if you need facts, ask me. don't believe everything, unless i say it.....lol
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