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  1. if you are uneducated, zero goals, inability to get a job, can't save money, never successful in life, not wanting to experience what it's like to have nice things, good air, nice place, safe environment, car, vacations, a life... then this is for you
  2. 200 kph is a better number. I saw a farang the other day with a baby on his back, no helmet on either of them. You think increases the speed limit will make him smarter? you think a family of 8 who have to go to the market will do things differently? 300 kph could also work. If you try to cross the street, you have 0.08 seconds to make it alive. I'm 99 and plan on buying my first big bike tomorrow. tour the country!!! roads here are fine. super safe. i've played enough video games to be a pro. car crash simulator seems fun!!!
  3. absolute garbage, not going to distract the message. He worked in Thailand with HIV, not America.....that gives you the answer. Expats always try to think, "oh, it's ok....yea, not that bad, some get rich.....yea, it's ok......ok, now what's on TV?" 99.99% of people here are guys with ZERO ability to understand how big of a problem this is. nobody will bring up Africa, China, N. Korea, Japan...... nah, get me a beer
  4. survey one person. the old man in his 90's craving pattaya said, 'oh yea!!!' OK, that's 100 percent so, 60 Million may come 18,763 actually do come. 99.7% old men
  5. big, big problem probably because not pay an extra 300 baht. just pay and leave. sooooo easy. but, oh no, nothing good happens at 2 a.m. if you are not with a girl. no, no.... this is why i'm fluent in Thai. and the guy in the video has no idea how to say Pattaya. yes, if his shoe has blood after hitting his face.....make foreigner pay for new shoes!!!!
  6. of course....NOT your country. beat no problem. you get 100 baht IF you do bad..... you pay 10000000000 baht, jail, lose house, everything...... we know how it works here. we all know. we pay 10000 for park farang price and smile. it ok ok we know, we know. we all very happy. even if pollution OMG bad today. ok ok
  7. This dude had like 100 hookers, ruined marriage, kids without a dad full-time (maybe, not sure), and there was talk he was on the juice. BUT he wins..........and when you win you will be forgiven. and now he has about 900 zillion dollars the real question is.....would you want to be him. no
  8. depends when you ask me. now it's hot and i'm hoping the pollution won't drive me crazy again. yes, it will. and the winters are colder. getting more expensive, immigration problems never end... it's an experience....i'll only be here between 5 and 10 years, so that's not my life. people, very good. climate, usually good. food is cheap. rooms are cheap. life is cheap. roads are dangerous. you can find alone time and immediately find tons of people. overall.....I'll rate Thailand 82/100. 100 is probably impossible to find
  9. I'm pretty sure I have three hundred kids who have never met me. A child is MUCH better without living with their father anyhow. Nuclear families are soo overrated. Kids grow up way better if only raised by their mom. Show me the science where a kid is better with a dad and mom. Kids love it when their dad leaves them. it's a funny conversation piece. said no one ever.
  10. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever.... 1 zillion All consumers who think they will "win".... zero Even if every company goes under....there will be 100 zillion more and the sheep will flock
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