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  1. Daily Worries (list in order of importance, money not listed since it would be number 0) 1. lao khao whiskey 2. whisky normal 3. beer 4. strange alcohol 5. loud music 6. sex 7. fast driving on motorbike 8. worry about covid
  2. well, there you go........i feel bad for the guy i'm not going to act like I know all the facts, just that we all need a plan B. unfortunate with covid.. wish him well.
  3. this seems like a BIG number ....... I don't even think western countries are turning 37 universities into field hospitals... well, let's see what the future holds..... good luck everyone
  4. My brain is soooo old and dumb... So, it seems like the concern is spreading the virus to someone who will have symptoms and/or die. Well, it seem like nobody is dying from COVID during this spread. This is a "good" thing, right? Maybe it's just some very mild something that might give long-term problems to very, very few....or what am I missing? I'm STILL saying LOCKDOWN.....because Brazil just had 3.500 deaths in the last 24-hours......better safe than sorry and this is a new virus and it's best to take precautions. I guess my only point
  5. sweet...... i got a few days to get my 10,000 friends and go to another place..... SMH.......... I flunked kindergarten.....but i think a lockdown would work better if there wasn't advance notice....
  6. how can you have NO plans????? not even one? if we see 10,000,000,000 cases tomorrow......there isn't a plan??? you always gotta have a plan... i have a plan............beer, sleep, beer.......repeat.
  7. i come Thailand long time ago... they say, 'water festival, funny'. i say, 'wow, looks great, everyone is soo happy, i will really love it very much.' omg, now i hate everything. i hope they stop everything. everyone leave. i try to like but cannot because i cannot change ok, now covid and everyone is gone... omg, the worst. some falangs are lose-lose everything bad-bad
  8. you want me to believe she used the word "petrified."?????? lol
  9. 99% of the time when I give someone money in Thailand......I don't have the option of getting it back. especially during covid where the economy isn't great. next time get more pictures, videos, specs, whatever....
  10. 1,000 years from now, Aliens are going to see how we handled a worldwide pandemic before and AFTER around 3 million people already died.... alien translate (OK, drive, smile, take friends, party, go everywhere, leave, OK).
  11. when i read "worst," i think about it like "always" and "never"..... it is the worst. the worst case scenario, to me, is everyone dies, the Earth explodes, the Universe is eaten by a black hole, and 711 stops selling beer!!!! 28,000......28,001 is impossible? lol
  12. seize all property, 10 million baht fine, and 20-year ban. blah, blah, blah....we play judge and jury all day, every day, every week, every month, every year......why they no listen to us???? i could solve every problem in the world!!!!!
  13. this is a ridiculous blanket statement......then might as well say white people came and killed and raped. and then just say everyone killed and raped. tons and tons and tons of peaceful native american indians.....do some research.
  14. i think you have to meet them. met a zillion nice black people, and a zillion nice people who weren't black. and i met bad people too, and even the white, trailer-park trash who scare me. i bet i could meet anyone for 5-minutes and make a decent judgement on if they would be a good tenant. maybe check their Facebook page, since maybe they are into some crazy stuff....but to simply judge based on a color is ridiculous.
  15. 27, 28, 29......life changed forever. and this plan was likely hatched over the last year or longer..... if you are in your 20's and doing such crazy stuff, please do it in your own country. kids doing kid stuff, and now realizing it's time to grow up....but all their families back home have been disgraced. country disgraced. now they are "famous," but instagram does not care. sad.
  16. Last year it was bad in March and April.... This year April. Twice I wanted to go back to CM......twice I must remain safe(r) near the water. OK, buy 100 million tests and 100 million vaccines and let's do this....
  17. i agree, which is why I said keep the businesses open and only ban inter-provincial travel. it wasn't "absolutely catastrophic" before, simply very bad. of course, we really have no idea. i also agree there needs to be a REAL stimulus package. The baht is strong and a multi-trillion baht package won't destroy their currency. print that money!!!
  18. 1000 and no talk of lock downs. I think the most important time for Thailand is from October until February, high season for the falang and everyone else. lock it down. one month. better safe than sorry. i don't mean close all the businesses, just ban inter-provincial travel and keep the hot spots from spreading.
  19. The Metric: 0 is the best. 10 is the worst. 0- small sucker 5-sucker, soon to be broke and miserable. she cheats on you. 10-biggest sucker, broke, old, and thought he was smart. she has 10 phones, locks on her doors, and her family lives in her house. you are banned.
  20. So if nobody says, "My fault," then we can't blame anyone?? There has been genocides where people have said, "I didn't do it..." and millions of people in prison who said, "it wasn't me." So are they innocent????
  21. Do you work for the CCP? It has been over one year, and you still have questions? lol
  22. unless 100% absolutely urgent, cancel everything. why put anyone in risk unless it's extremely urgent. there is a small chance you could end up being a super-spreader after getting covid anywhere on your trip.....even if a very small percentage, why risk it? the mature thing to do is the right thing. set an example. stay home.
  23. who wants to drink and be quiet?? not me. drink, loud music is like a calling to the girls to come and drink.....like a mating ritual. or a father/son thing talking is prohibited, so music must be as loud as possible. this is why you can live in Thailand for 30-years and really have no clue about their culture. you must be raised in the mooooo baaaan to really understand. dogs protect the gold and keep the spirits out.......and more drinking means more drinking....... i just went into the Amazon jungle and yelled a guy holding a spe
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