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  1. Tell the BMTA that. There's 489 NGV buses from China still sitting in impound for evasion of taxes.
  2. Those are traffic cars, not immigration cars with cameras to track foreigners. Like comparing apples and oranges.
  3. No, they are locally assembled. The majority of quality materials and parts are not available locally and must be imported. This means BMW do not qualify for the big tax breaks that other manufacturers get, such as Honda, Toyota, Isuzu etc. Mazda are upping sticks back to Japan now because it is cheaper. Hence the heavy tax on BMW models. Big difference.
  4. Oh, there's loads of resentment that they needed foreigners to rescue those kids. Just look at the reception the recent film got when it was released. Thais hate being reminded of their inadequacies, and that's a problem because they are, for the most part, still a developing country with one of the World's poorest education systems. They also have an unfounded arrogance and sense of entitlement, because as a nation, they haven't really done much to crow about at all.
  5. The fines won't go anywhere near the budget for these cars and these bottom of the range BMW models are assembled in Rayong.
  6. Correct. I find it quite interesting how many folk here don't have a clue about him though.
  7. They have NEVER cared about tourist health and safety in Thailand. Why start now?
  8. I have nothing to hide but I don't want my details being used for nefarious means by criminals i.e. those in uniform here. Case in point convicted drug smugglers in cabinet positions. I work with these people I know exactly what they are capable of should you make them lose face or they decide they want to steal from you. Hope that clarifies.
  9. Indeed, but do not expect to apply common sense, logic and rational thought here. Those in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.
  10. Lol, he was far from straight. Big Joke was the one you have to pay to get the promotions, and at the very centre of it all. His biggest enemy back in the days was Chuwit Kamolvisit, the massage Kingpin turned politician. Looks like he has lost his protection from some quarters in the Government due to a falling out over the kickbacks in the recent Immigration purchases. He knows he has to be gone or he will be killed now. Live by the sword die by the sword.
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