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  1. Hello community. Just wondering, if a newly registered Thai Company makes 0 revenue, 0 paychecks, 0 credits, 0 debits, 0-everything, the company must still report tax earnings to the DBD gov't monthly? And this must be filed with an approved accountant? Some accountants have quoted 1000 baht monthly if theres few transactions. But if theres zero transactions, that should be only a few minutes of work to e-file a $0 earnings report... Is there any way to make this cheaper? Sorry for my rambling, just trying to understand the process, and where we can save costs while we prepare for 2021. Cheers!
  2. Can we expect to see any downward price adjustments of rent in the near future in Chiang Mai? Or will this housing bubble never burst despite current economy? I sometimes get the feeling the local landlord culture here has no problem increasing prices based on emotion, but equates lowering the prices in a downward market psychologically to losing face.... ie they would rather have their property unrented for a year commanding a high price instead of lowering it 20% to see it rented immediately.... In western countries, the price adjustments up or down appear more common, as economically, a home rented today at 20% discount is still more profitable than one not rented. Theres even move-in deals, like 3-months 50% off, 1st month free, etc etc...
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