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  1. I can agree that account security is critical, but really wish there was a wallet sized gov’t approved ID card I could carry. Don’t want to carry my passport around daily on the off chance i need to use it
  2. Had to run into Bangkok Bank about a quick issue with my atm card. Only hd my Thai drivers license. The branch couldn’t help me at all unless I brought my original passport to open the account AND bankbook. TIT In the states, a driver’s license is enough to do anything at a bank. On a positive note, they mentioned their branch could help me once I come back with the passport/bankbook rather than send me to the original branch I opened the account at.
  3. I will be purchasing 3 projectors in the usa for personal use during the black Friday sales and hopefully bring them back via airplane carryon. I’d like to avoid ridiculous thai import duties if possible. Can I disassemble them and claim them as spare parts? Will this work? Are electronic spare parts taxed?
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