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  1. They crossed all day too whenever I went there pre-covid days. And the Mae Sot Immigration building overlooks the illegal crossing too.
  2. 'Three Identical Strangers' - On Netflix and other sources. Gave me a roller-coaster ride of emotions.
  3. And surely there can't be much profit at only 10 baht a bottle. Even more amazing is that 30 years ago it was only 10 baht back then too.
  4. Last year I was on a non-imm O with expiry day of April 2020. I got divorced Oct 2019. Did a couple of border runs and nothing was said at border immigration. When visa expired I was then on the amnesty extension until September and then applied for 60 day extension on grounds of visiting daughter. Nothing was said at immigration even though I re-married in August 2020. Immigration will only know about your divorce if you tell them. If you do tell them then you have to leave immediately.
  5. Today, Monday 23rd, I went to Chaengwattana for 60day covid extension. I got an 'under consideration' stamp to go back Dec 8th. Got there at around 1:30pm and left at 6pm.
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