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  1. Rocco (2016) 1 hour 45 mins. Netflix. Don't know how I missed this one. Documentary about making his final porno movie. Plenty of 'you know what' if you know what I mean, eh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  2. I got my second covid extension on Wednesday (20th) from Chaengwattana. Got there at 1pm and was finished at 4:30pm. BEWARE. After presenting all my documents at booth L29 for checking I was told to wait and hand them in at the next booth. The elderly female IO here was the same one from the last time that I applied. On both visits she has given me wrong dates in my passport. The first time she gave me the wrong date for reporting at MTT and I was only made aware of it after having waited for almost 2 hours at MTT. This time she gave me a date of Feb 17th to return
  3. There's a pick up point for the Nakhon Chai Air buses at a petrol station just passed Tesco Lotus Supermarket. A bit further on is the 'Baw Kaw Saw' bus station for destinations in the North and North-East.
  4. There is a train station in Rangsit. Only used it once and that was about 25 years ago to catch a train into Bangkok. I thought it would be quicker than jumping onto a bus. Turned out that getting buses was actually quicker. I think it was only a platform. Don't recall a ticketing office or booth. The Rangsit bus station is about 2 km on the left after passing Future Park. I used to catch buses from there to take me to Mae Sot and Mukdahan. The buses originated from Morchit and would stop at Rangsit to pick up passengers.
  5. Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus Netflix and Youtube. 2 episodes 45 mins each. First episode spoken in German by the Python team but does come with Eng subs. Most sketches I'd never seen before. I think I may have seen this one.
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