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  1. How strange. Two days ago there were 12 major clusters....
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean yesterday's big one day jump because of the two prisons. I meant the steady increase (without any subsequent decrease after a pseudo-lockdown was imposed) over the past 4-6 weeks. However, since you mentioned it.... That one day jump from the two prisons raises the question: What other clusters of infected people continue to be hidden from public view? Yesterday the government listed these major clusters in Bangkok.... Today there is news that 65% of workers tested positive at a construction workers camp on Chaeng Wattana
  3. With the number of Covid cases dramatically increasing, should the Thai government reintroduce a Visa Amnesty policy like they put in place early last year when cases were far fewer than they are now? It would seem to be much safer for foreigners and Immigration officials alike, if people weren't crowding at immigration offices to apply for Covid extensions every two months. Thoughts? Also, if anyone has gone to any of the larger Immigration offices over the past couple of weeks to apply for an extension, how busy has it been? Is Immigration taking any extr
  4. You are correct. All Americans abroad should be able to receive the vaccine whether or not a person is required to file or pay taxes. The "taxing paying American" can be seen as shorthand for "vaccines purchased using tax dollars for the stated purpose of vaccinating all Americans."
  5. 1. Sounds about right 2. Not on Wireless Road. On the grounds, either embassy or residence. Passport check, metal detector check, go to the tent to get your shot. No reason the tent can't be separated from the other buildings by a fence. 3. Not going IN to the embassy, just on the grounds to a tent. Easy to set up an appointment system for vaccines separate from everything else. Hell, work with an app like ZocDoc (our countless others) to handle vaccine appointments. 4. I agree with you there. But then, nothing has ben easy (or normal) about this pa
  6. What a silly question! Sort of like asking, "Why do Americans think their Embassy is a law office or bank?" Simple answer to both questions: They don't.
  7. When it comes to the US government vaccinating it's citizens abroad, the question should not be, "can they?" The question should be, "why aren't they?" Why such a can't do attitude on these pages?!
  8. Logistically very feasible. How many expats from the US do you think there are in Thailand? No need to enter very far onto the grounds. Set up a big tent outside of the buildings. Safer for unvaccinated people to not congregate inside of buildings anyway. Appointment system? Are you kidding? This is so easy to do. Easy to automate confirmation emails. Military medics can be brought in to administer vaccines if needed, but local nurses could also be hired.
  9. None of this is difficult to do. How many expats from those nations do you think are actually in Thailand right now? Not so many. Trained staff? Plenty of military medics not too far away. Embassies are able to bring in whatever staff they need to fulfill their mission. Liability? At least for the US, the government and it's employees have sovereign immunity. Premises? Have you seen how large the grounds are for some of the embassies? Especially the US. Or how about the US Ambassador's residence? HUGE! And as there's currently no ambassador.....
  10. The news is out yesterday/today is that expats in Thailand WILL be eligible for the vaccine. The spokesman for the Public Health Ministry (Rungruang Kitpati) also said... "Foreigners who want vaccinations can also contact their own embassy to get one" [Source: A local publication who may not be named] That quote from the government essentially gives embassies a way to start administering vaccines to their citizens living here in Thailand without causing diplomatic headaches. Then there is this (emphasis added).... If China can vacci
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