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  1. I have now managed to get a date for Sinovac, Phaythai Hosp, 30th June. The secret seems to be that when you check your elligibility ignore the Data not complete msg, do not go back and edit your details again. It means go ahead and pick your Hosp, jab, and date. Then you will find you can make a booking.
  2. Just logged into my account and entered Edit. Selected all the province etc fields ok and completed ok. But when I check elegibility the msg says Data not complete etc. So after logging back into my account some data fields are now empty. Just going round in circles.
  3. Yes I am getting the same message. I thought it was because I input 'retired' or 'retirement ' for organization. But who knows?
  4. What does one input for 'Organization' if one is retired? It is a required field and when I tried 'retired' it would not work. I have just seen the previous post. I will try Retirement
  5. I have registered on the Thailandintervac.com website and now have an account. But I cannot get past the initial page because the site requires an entry in the 'organization' field. I have tried inputting 'retired' and even though it initially accepts this, when I check later I find that the registration is not complete and have to go back and edit. So obviously 'retired' does not work. Has any retiree has success in registering? If so what did you input for 'organization'
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