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  1. Oh no thanks for the concern. My first Agent's. Place is not available for me after our agreement is over. I'm just moving a few floors down and renting from the on site rental office Afterwards. I'm pretty surprised thought, they match my original agents price per month which is the price they usually ask for on a one year term. But with water and electric extra. Which I was already expecting.
  2. I'm at the condo now and I guess I lucked out with the agent I met off AirBnb. She included everything in the price. water, electric, cleaning. So when the lady at the rental office at the same building said 600b after I mentioned it first. It triggered some alarms. But thanks I guess I don't have to keep the place as clean as I did for my first agent.
  3. Yes I haven't been to Thailand many times. And when 1 out of 3 people you deal with tries to take advantage of you it makes a person. Wonder. Thanks for the comment
  4. Ok thank you. Just wanted to make sure. First time renting from a rental office and not bookings or Airbnb
  5. Just wondering guys. Is a clean fee customery here when you rent a condo. Was talking to a rental office and stupid me, asked if there was a cleaning fee at the end of my term. I'm use to booking through Airbnb that normal thats normal. Quick smirk from the lady end she said it was 600baht. Something she did not mention until pretty much asked do you want more of my money.
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