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  1. Look under PENALTIES dwp type, no nothing. Now the only way any punishment ,by way of deductions would be any other benefit attached to it. I can assume housing,,whatever....look it up There will be posters along Im sure in next few hours,frightened of their own shadow type stating its not how it should be,sure is sunshine,just look it up
  2. -not much traction in this thread,never will be All Boris has to state is increase of state pension for everybody,none of the 1946 stupidity that prevails. Save a ton of money,no international pension transfer at DWP,paid into local UK bank,up to individual to arrange own transfer,this week alone would give pension increase of over 1% if done minweek took all of 8 minutes to arrive from uk this week Something cringeworthy at OAP ,here for countless years,complaining greatly reduced pension late in arriving...as for frozen? does it not state in immigration stamp as temporary stay in Kingdom,...anyway mr/ms UK decision maker at DWP would not intervene,too to stand up straight first opening statement DWP penalties ..no punishment... if frozen OAP too thick or stupid to either read or comprehend up to him,deserves to lose the lot,quiet satisfaction as his non-rise is spread out to the unfrozen ..and as of little old 88 year old Annie managing on her 6 pounds a week OAP in Australia /Canada..that ain't quite true...made up from their respective countries welfare schemes,(just like PH) lol not quite true for little Annie in SA more like a machete through the skull
  3. Just done mine BKK bank two letters printed there and then,100 each,bankbook updated,..thats it but was under few months imm wanted extra 5xxx done dusted
  4. Was going 21 to 31 this month,but visa issue, now cleared up. Can use visa twice over 6 months,looks as if Songkran period ok miss rainy season there go again september,....it really is good there hospitals spotless.....Yes Ill post if going earlier
  5. ..and plug into their reciprocal welfare system, nah,Ill stay in Thailand and keep the increases the the UK enjoys,after all there is b.ugger all anyone or anything can do to to change it suggestions on a postage stamp please
  6. The picture of the girl should have been left up,spread worldwide,go fund me set up for her
  7. Im partly looking after a abandoned baby girl,left on doorstep at few months old,few years older now,but bonding def there,laugh a minute. do not want to get too close,she will have to make her own way eventually when Im not around
  8. The Irishman via torrent site The lighthouse wot a load of <deleted> 1917 its good again Pirate Bay
  9. Just go to India,Calcutta best,sure will find half the NHS staff on turn-a-round there........really good and cheap,spent lots of medical visits there 2 hours away I just have accident ins here 5000 a year medifee.com
  10. That is why Im still here..rents..and my mutts. I feel things may change rapidly here in Thailand,perhaps worth hanging on a while I miss home,but do the lottery via vpn,hope springs eternal,won close on 50,000 years ago GBP thats why Im stuck here,not enough to blast free...this last 7 days won 10 8 5 free lucky dips,..Christ I d like to win enough to get away buy a place in UK take the mutts and offffff
  11. Songkran this year may just be the opener for civil unrest
  12. thread? wish I could..ex mod suggested this.....all prices in Thailand for medical intervention are atrocious Get e visa from .gov site,not .org site,otherwise stung and Rp is crashing
  13. 800K Id get shut baht will be doing a nose dive soon. About agents....I use income ,because of baht increase was short by few months (only 1k) never looked at income. Immigration desk,yes immigration number 8 jontiem,lady quietly stated that will be 5k thank you extra,..now an agent stated he was doing it for me for a cheap price of 9k (one year renewal ) go to desk ,half price
  14. Some of these figures are atrocious, sky high. Im off on a 10 day cheep cheep jaunt soon,India Bangkok airways have some good flight deals ,last min 4500 return to Bombay down to Goa,have a mole or two removed less than 2000 baht, doc stated colonoscopy,endoscopy done for 1500 all in. Anyway I like a bit of surfing,good holiday
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