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  1. ...and yes,so what? Only UK residence any more of any relevance? Funny how the frozen pit dwellers get together at a pension question that initially has nothing to do with frozen pensions and instantly dire warnings pour forth "doomsday cometh". Nothing like ever happened,or will,as the saying goes "a problem shared ,is a problem halved" (not solved)Certainly their pensions have halved after xyz number of years here One frozen pensioner states he could not sleep at nights if blah blah blah. I certainly could not with a red hot poker sticking out of my a.rse either,the relevance of which to a frozen pensioner is this,it would give me nightmares voluntarily giving up one hell of chunk of my pension,for no good reason
  2. "Proof of life" people shift addresses all the time,UK and everywhere,especially now when disruption is all around. Try using .Gov.UK website,ask anything (have to put NI number in to gain access) but does computerise your existence.
  3. I had infestation of ticks,easily solved used a tick/flea powder,lightly dusted everything,bedding/floors,furniture etc. kept it down for 3 days . Used Tickoff but I guess any powder will do, perfect
  4. True,last statement,but so what? The need to read the DWP website where it states..."a pensioner cannot be held liable to a fraud on his own pension".....plus a host of other statements...and if the expert crops up just what does a 1928 declaration have to do with a table 2 (no action/punishment) scenario
  5. Surely then,you surely know "fraud " when you see it Now I stated "no flimflamming" and off you go instantly lol just the people you know who have been "caught"?
  6. Garbage,show one person,just one who has been "caught",not voluntary informing either ,and the "punishment? none! Do a freedom of Information request lol...The supposing expert in the other thread was wrong,but thread was stopped by mods before it could be pointed out. Says in visa in passport "temporary stay in Kingdom" good enough Ill ask one more time ,seeing as your acknowledgedly well informed on the people "caught" perhaps you could refresh my knowledge and point out just one instance,go on give it a go,promise I will not challenge your good self again cheers No flimflamming please
  7. izod10


    Hello everybody,...little used thread,hopeful for answer Quite a few years ago bought 5 speaker system with dvd player (Philips) The box (mixer) whatever was lost through a repair. Now Im left with 5 pretty expensive speakers (or were) My hearings <deleted> now and sounds from tv are muffled,like to connect these speakers to tv,rather than sound bar take it Ill need a mixer box,cut the Philips plug- ins off and install phono,or whatever mixer box takes Any ideas ? Thanks
  8. Yes ,quit the EU. The EU is all washed up,debts galore,unending payments to southern EU,brexit will bring riots ,no doubt, Eire will cost EU billions supporting it. The EU will cave in to UK no doubt there
  9. Just got a water 5 in 1 water treatment with 3 (10 inch)big cartridges. each cartridge is tightly wrapped in plastic with holes each end. Is the plastic to be taken off the cartridge or left on Thanks for any answers
  10. or No Fun for the Hun As Merkel and others stated no "Singapore in the North Sea" is exactly what is coming. is now all largely push button,all done by machines,wants no competition from UK as she states. Its Eire that is the whipping boy here,anything the EU does,the UK magnify it on Eire,the first EU state to go bankrupt,will cost the EU billions if not trillions to keep afloat,never mind Greece,seen nothing quite like it coming
  11. The Heineken 00 is the answer,mine anyway,tastes perfect first thing in the morning
  12. Im sure all this is helping all the kebab sellers,and the million plus awaiting,Germany is doomed,just like 80 years ago
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