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  1. I have been a member of AA since 1980 when I realized drinking was destroying any chance of me having the life I wanted to live. I can not drink sensibly , any alcohol in my systems immediately breaks down my ability to say no to the next drink. I get drunk. While drunk I just do a lot of things drunk people do. Things that to sober sensible people seem just stupid. My cure was not to try harder to do right while drunk, half the fun of drunk is to do the stupid things. So drunk is drunk , no question there, drunk is not an illness , just drunk. I needed to stop drinking, I needed all the day after feeling to go away. The day after feeling were often the cause of this days drinking. Long story short I tried a lot of things and failed and finally tried AA. AA told me Alcoholism is a disease, that over time gets worse, also that some day I will take my last drink, it may with out help be the day I die. So I hung around, I laughed, I talked, I lied, I slipped, I kept coming back. I read the book, it is a story about me. I accepted that for me AA was the only way to stop drinking. So I finally had a sobriety date I wanted to keep. I got a lot of help from lot of different people at times to help me, to tell me about their self, to listen to what was bugging me today. To help me stop blaming others for my condition and stop fighting it. "What do you think, maybe 50% of people never drink, just don't want to and they have good, cool, hard, and fun, lives just fine." So could I. I worked the steps, I sought a higher power. I can to understand that higher power might be God, might be the group, might be my conscious, might be Good Orderly Direction, and it could change from time to time. I change only me, that is the key. I will try change what is needed about "ME" and I will accept you will live and act like you want to . I accept that or I limit my time around you. People, places, and things, I accept them as they are or I exclude them from my life the best as possible. But the key is, the more I change my feelings the more I can accept your feelings. I need AA today and most every day. Thank you so much for the reminder today. Part of staying sober is being will to share this with others. If you need help with the program from me, happy to have another day of sobriety helping you.
  2. Nothing but "me too"ism to the extreme . Sure go stand in the sun awhile if you like. Results, nothing very lasting well, maybe your sunburn. It is 70% political ploy, 30% I want some of your money ploy. Change, very unlikely . Folks get bored quickly. Bu**hurt feelings, yeah they last a life time on all sides. As Roseann Rose-Annadanna's uncle said, "It is always something". The world is going to get better, who the hell told you that. Science is getting better, but people , no way, no how. Look go make your bed, cook some dinner, and maybe wash the car at the end of the day you have accomplished something.
  3. when I was a kid we bought 100 chicks evert year, we sold fryers and eggs. I have cooked and eaten eggs all my life. Never until I moved here have I seen so many disgusting eggs. Anywhere from 25% up of eggs I buy have disgusting things floating inside. I usually buy from the big stores and put them in frig as soon as home. maybe it is heat stress on the chickens, but something makes them lay eggs with little black and brown stuff inside. I toss the egg that has it, just can't eat that. I hate eating eggs out because i know Thai cooks don't look at the eggs after opening them.
  4. I am not a "drug" user, but know and have seen what people will do to those who use or sell them. Those addicted and those selling.. A good 50% of Blacks vs Cops is drug related. Black people have on average been less strict on drug use and selling. Many use drugs as currency in their home areas. They also find many whites and others willing to pay for illegal drugs. China and several other countries are pushing out these illegal drugs by the tons. Plus USA drug makers have had no problem pushing their drugs that are gateways to illegal drugs. When the USA comes up with sensible ways to deal with drugs, all the drug wars can finally find an end. It will mean tolerating much greater drug use by Americans. Americans , even poor Americans, seldom have to decide between food and drugs, nearly all have a little extra money. Though Thailand certainly has drug problems, many are so poor, drug use would mean starvation of their family. I don't have the answers, but I know drug wars are very expensive and seldom accomplish the goals they set. In fact drug wars often turn the very ones who would fight drugs into criminals. This man who was killed was thought to be under the influence of drugs which lead to the rough handling and his death. Why, because Cops are in the drug war. A war no one wins, but many die.
  5. This is also a problem in the USA. A cop gets sacked from the Dept , just moves to a smaller city that is happy to find a guy they don't have to run through all the training before turning him loose. So he is right back to demanding favors instead of tickets or arrest. When I was supervisor on a fire dept, I was advised to never answer request about recommending a fired fireman. If you can't prove violations by court documents, he could sue you and the dept over stating the reason of his firing. Just say there was employment dispute and he left the department. Leave it to him to complete the story any way he wants to.
  6. I don't know his exact procedure to stay at this point , but riddles are often the answers you get from immigration . I had reason to take my 800000 baht out of the bank for something. I had enough time to use it and return it with 8 month rest before needing renew visa. But when I got there they said sorry, this year you need 1 year of rest in the bank for your 800000 baht. No visa extension for you. I called a lawyer who handles visas in Bangkok and he said wrong, by law it only need to be there for 2 months but immigration handles it differently according to the office. So now I am looking for a way get my extension before june 17. It was so much easier when you could just pass an envelope to them with your papers and quickly get your stamp.
  7. Several pecks when very young and not really understanding it, mostly forgotten. Playing doctor looking over a girl, a couple of times at about age 5. FIRST KISS, yes I remember. 15 and wanting to kiss a girl very much, but so shy. I lived a few 100 yards from a very popular skating rink, went there often. There was a girl I talked to often, she was dating DEXTER, an over grown bully I also knew pretty well. One night as I was hanging out there, about 1964, all the lights went out around 9 pm. Some electrical problem that effected the whole neighborhood. She was there with I guess 30 other kids, but Dexter was not. The owner, with no help, was trying to watch over everything and busy running around. There were 2 large rooms in the back, one had a pool table, so kids were allowed back there. Not wanting to go home, I walked back to the pool room and she was already there alone. We talked some, she seemed real friendly so I got close and put my arm around her waist. We hugged a few times in the dark, then her mouth found mine. It was bingo, wow, I am so lucky all at once. Tight hugs, belly rubs, tongue kisses and I got so hard . She was the same age but her and Dexter had lots of experience in the back seat of his car. She knew what was up, I was so willing to follow her lead. Also frightened of what all might happen. Well it didn't happen, Bob the owner came back and very calmly as us to go back where all the other folks were at. She would call me often after that, but she was still with Dexter and I didn't want to have him and his buddies to deal with. I went off to the navy after school and came home 4 yrs later. With no job I went to apply for unemployment and she was working there. She had already been married to some guy and divorced. With no girlfriend I wanted to get a piece off her and tried, but the spell was broken, I was no longer her choice. About 25 years on, I read in the paper one day she had died. Debbie, you are remembered, by by a grateful shy kid.
  8. The plain fact is you can find women in marriages of convenience in every part of the world. Some women have the me first attitude and never loose it. That is fine hope their life works out for them. Their men just better be willing to let them be the leader in everything. Yes you need to understand things about Thai culture first or you will have surprises. But, there are Thai women who clearly have thought out life paths, that include finding a good husband, being a good wife, knowing and expressing love for him. Being a partner in a marriage is something they have to learn, because Thai men seldom allow a woman to be real partner. But they can learn. The oriental idea of always putting family first can carry over to living anywhere and be part of the way she treats the family she makes with you. You should know a lot about her background , because if she has been hurt by men often you just have to expect that shape her future ideas about living. Thai women can be as good as any woman you find in any land, but different cultures add problems to worked out , no matter the good intentions of people getting married. It is also true that in all cultures divorces are hard things, but sometimes necessary. If you are capable of true love for another, some problems can be worked out But accept that the man or woman you marry at a young age will not be that person in 40 yrs, we all change as we face life and aging. It takes a lot of love to survive that and still be happy.
  9. It seems when they stopped taking the envelopes under the desk the problems began to mount. I liked the old way slip them the envelope and get your stamp.
  10. Do you have a gik? I don't think so. I will check later when I shower. What do you do, get a shot, take some pills?
  11. Hey thanks , maybe we can talk further some time in the future. Sounds good.
  12. You better find a good trust worthy Thai lawyer now later will be to late. I don't know who that would be, maybe ask for lawyer recommendations rather than legal advice on here.
  13. Better do something, my wife's company has had plenty orders but now fulfilling the last few. Costumers looking to other countries and companies and a 100 folks jobs hang by a thread.
  14. You know when a woman says I am through with you, accept it. Be thankful to be released from the wasp nest and stay away. If it is not right the first time, it isn't going to be the 2ed, 3ed or 4th time.
  15. Hey, don't worry I will stop by the Cop Shop in a few days, don't come looking for me. OK. Got a few thing to take care of right now. You know, maybe kill a few other people, that seems fun. See you.
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