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  1. What is your problem? Are you one that thinks it is always "right" and insists on having the last word?
  2. Phuket immigration were on record as refusing marriage extensions to all other than those with 400,000 Baht in a Thai Bank or those with income exceeding 40K Baht derived from Thai employment and proven by tax receipts. This policy has only recently been changed by a senior IO - as reported in the local press.
  3. Untrue - I am personally aware of two people who were refused and they had evidence of monthly foreign sourced income in excess of 40K Baht/month.
  4. You can buy(1000 Baht) a re-entry permit from an immigration office which will protect your 60 day stay
  5. In answer to both of the above. 1. No 'special' documents were required but had I been asked I could have proved the source of my pension income. 2. A 12 month bank statement was provided which showed regular monthly income of 40+K Baht sourced from abroad
  6. No - The most you might get is 7 days in which to leave the country
  7. Today I successfully applied for an extension of stay based on marriage using monthly foreign income at the Phuket IO. This is a very recent about face as previously Phuket where denying extensions using monthly income from abroad.
  8. You can apply for a 60 day extension. You will need your original marriage cert. + a copy and copies of your wife's ID and house book. Your wife must accompany you when application is made
  9. Welcome to my ignore list ------------ By posting inaccurate information you mislead/confuse people
  10. Some immigration offices align the 90 day report date with a new extension of stay.
  11. Cheap 'throwaway' tickets are available from the low cost airlines.
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