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  1. 3 minutes ago, sandyf said:

    Like many you assume people do not know what they are talking about

    Mmm -  Educate yourself before accusing others. 




    That is just for starters but likely beyond your comprehensive abilities - When you are ready I will supply the advanced package once you can answer a few simple test questions




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  2. 44 minutes ago, thaikahuna said:

    A Non-O based on marriage should not incur visa runs but only 90 days checks, I believe.

    You believe wrong. A single entry visa provides for a 90 day stay only unless extended by 60 days for the purpose of visiting a Thai spouse/child.

    The same criteria apply to multiple entry visas.

    The MAX length of stay permitted is 90+60 before having to leave the country

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  3. 4 minutes ago, mike787 said:

    CPAP does not treat pneumonia directly, however it can reduce the work-of-breathing often seen with pneumonia and ARDS ... Near drowning patients may also have significant hypoxia and bronchospasm, both of which can be effectively treated with CPAP. With the positive effects of CPAP on non-cardiac pulmonary edema.

    CPAP can increase the work of breathing as exhalation against +ve pressure requires effort as opposed to exhaling to normal atmospheric pressure which is passive ........

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