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  1. 59 minutes ago, HaleySabai said:

    Does it play the same way if the non-O ME is acquired in Farang Land?......Ive always done border runs on my non-O simply because it's a trip for my wife to visit relatives.Never considered going to Immigration instead so I don't know if that is an option. Hopefully the border will be opened by the end of May for my next run. But I'm not clear if I can I get a 90-day stamp or only a 60-day extension from Immigration in CM?  Thanks!

    It is the same no matter where obtained  - You will have to apply for an extension at the immigration office

  2. 3 minutes ago, sandyf said:

    Like many you assume people do not know what they are talking about

    Mmm -  Educate yourself before accusing others. 




    That is just for starters but likely beyond your comprehensive abilities - When you are ready I will supply the advanced package once you can answer a few simple test questions




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  3. 44 minutes ago, thaikahuna said:

    A Non-O based on marriage should not incur visa runs but only 90 days checks, I believe.

    You believe wrong. A single entry visa provides for a 90 day stay only unless extended by 60 days for the purpose of visiting a Thai spouse/child.

    The same criteria apply to multiple entry visas.

    The MAX length of stay permitted is 90+60 before having to leave the country

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