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  1. 25 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    SINGAPORE - published 23.03.2020
    1. Passengers traveling as short-term visitors are not allowed to transit or enter Singapore.
    -This does not apply to returning residents of Singapore (Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or Long-Term Pass Holders(including holders of Work Pass, Student's Pass, Dependant's Pass, and Long-Term Visit Pass)). If they have been in Hubei Province (China People's Rep.) within the last 14 days, they will be quarantined for 14 days upon entry into Singapore. For others, they will be issued a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) upon entry into Singapore.

    Source: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm

    Interesting that that refers to 'short term' visitors.  Not all wishing to transit would fall into that category. 

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