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  1. Just now, Sticky Wicket said:

    it's hard to read the pages on my passport, I put it through the washing machine accidentally

    Whatever - You seem to be determined to do your own thing, something the British embassy would advise against as by law you must be in possession of a passport at all times whilst in Thailand.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Bangkok or bust said:

    He only received a 30 day stamp

    Because he arrived as an American with an American passport. If you can prove he is Thai then that 30 day stay can be extended to one year at an immigration office.

    To fix it you must get the child a Thai passport then leave the country using the American passport and then re-enter using the Thai passport. 

    There are no consequences other than a possible overstay stamp for children.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Delight said:

    I employed a Pattaya agent to organise my new passport.

    As I stated in a earlier post the passport was posted direct to me-from Bangkok (from memory)

    After it arrived I simply collected the old passport from the agent.

    He was surprised

    I still have it - exactly  in the same condition as  when I handed it to the agent.

    Suspect something went wrong

    More likely that your memory is faulty... 

  4. Be aware that not all Immigration offices will honour the Police Order. Phuket, for example, refuses extensions based on marriage unless the applicant has 400K in a Thai bank or can prove income from employment in Thailand using pay slips/tax records. Monthly income from abroad is rejected unless supported by an Embassy letter. 


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