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  1. 5 minutes ago, BertM said:

    Talk about "beating a dead horse". Yes, the 4 embassies stopped issuing income letters in Dec 2018.  But, don't think for a minute, that any of those embassies ever verified incomes by contacting the sources. The embassies merely issued affidavits based on sworn statements or based on someone providing some paper documents which could have been legitimate or not... The horse is dead and there's no bringing it back to life, so, the only option now is to comply with Immigration's requirements. Feel sorry for those who are having trouble meeting the requirements...

    Mmm -- My income comes from two, legitimate easily verified UK government sources - The DWP and the NHS pension scheme. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, theoldgit said:

    You need to provide a bit more information, is she seeking a visa for a short holiday, are you living together here in Thailand, if so what is your status?

    The guys will try to help, but give us a clue.


    We live together in Thailand and have been legally married for the past 15 years

    I am a retired UK citizen and my wife would like to visit the UK. We have previously travelled to visit my son who is now based in Australia and have had no problem obtaining multi-entry visas from the Australian immigration service.

    If we can secure a UK visa for my wife we would spend up to three months in the UK before returning to Thailand. However, I am led to believe that UK visas are difficult to obtain for someone like my wife who does not work.


  3. My wife(we have been married for 15 years) has already received two one year multiple entry visas to Australia. What are her chances of securing a UK visitor Visa. She does not work and has no personal assets. Our income derives from my UK pensions. We live in Thailand and that will not change.

    Any advice will be welcomed.

  4. 3 hours ago, Russell17au said:

     I went to renew my Marriage extension today at Khon Kaen and the officer was not even interested in what the police order states about average monthly income. He was not even interested in looking at the bank statements. 

    That's interesting. Phuket are also refusing extensions based on marriage if monthly foreign income is used - even if that income exceeds 40K/month and can be proven with bank statements.

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    19 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    Not sure why Phuket immigration is not following the official rules that sill state the 40k baht income is still accepted.

    I do recall them not accepting the income being transferred into a bank without proof of the source of the income. 


    Thank you - Can you point me to a link relating to the official rules and is there any means of appealing/challenging Phuket's stance?


    6 minutes ago, PST said:



    Proof of financial status either:

    Letter from Embassy/Consul Certifying over THB 40000 month. (Max 6 months old),
    Supporting documents of the income may be requested by the immigration officer.
    Copy bank book name page and last 2 months transactions.
    NOTE: Income certificates from the UK, USA and Australia are not accepted anymore for the extension application.
    Signed and stamped bank letter AND Signed and stamped bank statement showing the money ( Minimum THB 400.000 ) for at least 2 months before application date. (Max 7 days old)
    Copy updated Thai bank (saving account only) book name page and last 2 months transactions.
    Please make sure that all papers have the same balance mentioned

    Work Permit with company and tax papers



    Thanks for that - I had already seen it.

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