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  1. I got extension for my Visa on Arrival using covid on Friday and was asked to come again on 24th of April, so no need for this anymore?
  2. Very much so, I saw 3 separate girls crying coz they didnt have some paper or the officers didnt want to see them and said dont worry overstay is only 500 baht a day.
  3. I managed to extend my visa in pattaya imm in jomtien but there were so many crazy things it's beyond awful. 1. On the second day, the people in the first counter checked everything, told me to come at 1:00 pm. 2. Close to 1.00 pm, another walking officer told me why me and a few others don't have yellow queue numbers, but only white one. We said we got it from the first counter. He said we needed to get yellow queue first before the white one, and now it's gonna be hard to see us. I said yesterday no such thing, and he said, yesterday is different, we change rules every day. Also he said, don't trust the people working in the first counter. They are volunteers. 3. Anyway we waited and the queue number showed, but upon checking the docs, the officer woman complained i don't have paper from the condo itself that shows I stay there, from their management. 4. I got a print out from them yesterday. But guess what? This was only the paper that says I paid for the print out that will be given apparently next day. No one told me this, so I assumed what I got was what was needed. So she said get that paper, and come back on Tuesday (This was Friday), that would mean 2000 overstay fine. 5. So I go back to condo, get that paper that was waiting for me, bring that back. 6. The issue is why I am this unlucky, is that it was very close to 3, so I asked the front counter if I need a new queue number they said no. Then I go back to the other counter 6, and she said I can't see you again you need to get a new number or come back another day. She said I didn't take your queue number so she was lying. A younger girl wanted to see my stuff, and older officer stopped her saying I need to take new number, etc. 7. Then I go ask front counter again, they won't give any more numbers, though it was still a few minutes before 3:00 which is the last queue time. 8. One of the girls there said just wait in the back, they will see you, etc. 9. Between back and forth I saw the guy in the front issue tickets way after 3 to 2 other people, possibly Thai people. When I ask why you do selective treatment, he didn't say anything but left. He still didn't give me. 10. Meanwhile the officers in the back try to push people outside, some officers were throwing chairs around, shouting, screaming. 11. Some people had missing documents so left, some people were discouraged and left, and some people like me stayed very long and then one of the officer who is trying to reduce the number of people, said what's my number, etc, so I said she took my number, I just copied a document she said another girl will see me, etc, and finally someone saw me. 12. Then she ask me to fill 2 more forms. 13. Then she gives me a paper, ask to copy 2 times. 14. Then she asks me to go to overstay counter, pay it, then bring the bill. 15. Wait at overstay counter, they fill the forms you sign, pay get the bill. 16. I bring the bill back, go make 2 copies. 17. Then another officer check everything, after I pay 1900 thb, and they take another photo. 18. She gives 2 more papers, ask to copy 2 copies each. 19. After some time give visa back, with 21 days extension. 20. Another officer say come on 24 April, and if BKK process is ok which apparently takes 20 days for them to process, they will give 10 more days. The End
  4. The queue for covid extension moves very slowly. 4 people in 1 hour. They seem to ask so many questions and check everything extremely carefully.
  5. I went to chonburi immigration and they told me I have to promise 2 copies of Google map of where I live. This is not in the list of required documents. I told the agent this, she said don't look at that paper they changed and I should know that I need map also. Anyway I came at 8am but still they told be have to come back at 12:30. After this I get queue number but then the officer told me, blue book is not enough. You also need house title deed and letter from the condo management. He said come back tomorrow and pay overstay fine. Condo management can print this for me but they want rental agreement which my agent have to get it for me and the title house deed. Condo management charges 300 also for this and can't send online so have to go tomorrow unfortunately. I saw a few others rejected coz of these documents. Anyway why the first officers who check for these, not flag this? I would have at least 4 hours to sort it out. He actually told me I have everything I need. Another day of hell.
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